One Count Kickout – Your Awesome Champion

It is nearly impossible to predict who will or will not rise to the occasion and become a superstar.  Charisma is one thing, but so many pieces have to fall into the right places to pave the way for a performer to elevate him or herself into that spotlight.  In some people you can kind of see it coming, and some you can’t.  It heavily depends on what positions they are placed into.  Take Stone Cold for instance.  In WCW he had the makings of a star but upon debuting in WWE as the “Ringmaster” he had zero charisma.  Eventually WWE allowed him to break out as the star he was meant to be but imagine if those days had been like these days.  The failure of that gimmick may have spelled the end of his WWE career and we’d be looking at a very different WWE.

People like to believe that their thoughts and opinions are always the right ones.  If there is one thing I’ve learned from wrestling fans its that most of the hardcore fans believe they know exactly what should or should not be done.  They believe they know who are the right people to put our faith in.  I suppose in a way this makes them a little like Vince McMahon in that he seems to believe, and people say he does, that he knows what is best for the business despite what the fans believe or want.  Take Michael Cole for example.  So many fans detest him and want Jim Ross back, yet still we’re stuck with him every week.

When it comes down to the current crop of superstars in WWE, I have believed for quite a while, and even wrote a column on this several months back, that the Miz not only has the potential but the high probability of becoming the next big thing.  There is a lot of talent in WWE that is ready to rise to the occasion and it is a safe bet that over the next few years as some of the older talent cycles out we’re going to see these guys get their shot.  Sheamus and John Morrison are two fine examples of this but it has been clear since early last year that the Miz was the big thing coming down the pike.  He is such a dramatic improvement over what he was a few years back.  Anyone who watched his tag team matches with John Morrison could easily see that though Morrison was built to be the star of that team, it was Miz who was the anchor to it.  He didn’t have all the flash and the flair but he had the ability, he had the drive and you can see it to this day, he has the passion.

When Miz won the money in the bank it became clear that WWE was beginning to get behind him.  There was a lot of discussion in the community that Miz had the probability of being the first Money in the Bank winner to cash in and lose.  I never saw this as a possibility.  It has been pretty clear that Miz is being built and his title win on RAW last week was the final pat on the back.  WWE has given him the nod and assuming creative handles this properly he could be the best champion we’ve had in a long time.  He is fresh, exciting, new and he knows how to get heat with the best of them.  However, as is typical with WWE crowds these days, it appears as if he’s got a little bit of that Randy Orton tweener in him.  The young fans detest him while the older fans, such as myself, are cheering for him.  I’m certainly not afraid or ashamed to admit to being a Mizfit, and anyone who follows my Raw tweets every Monday night is well aware of this.

Fans have been crying out for this, in their own way.  There has been a demand to see the younger guys rise to the top, to take us away from having the same main eventers every single month.  How many times in the past year have Cena or Orton been in the main event at the PPVs?  If you find the answer to that then you’ll certainly see how desperate people were becoming for something new.  The Miz is your answer to that.  Miz can have fresh matchups, Miz can bring about a new cycle of matches.  Imagine how many top guys there are right now that we could see the Miz feud with; Orton, Cena, Sheamus, Edge, Mysterio.. the list goes on and one.  Plus, there is a probably a high likelihood that when Triple H returns and finishes his feud with Sheamus that we’ll see him get involved somehow with the Miz.

Guys like Kevin Nash blow me away.  Here you have this old guy who should clearly remember the days when he was young and the older guys wouldn’t step out of the way and yet he is saying that its a mistake to crown a young up and comer as Champion.  If this business had been built around the same old men all of the time it probably wouldn’t still be around.  Yes, Hogan and Flair were always involved, but Vince knew when to back them off and when they were getting tired to the fans.  Hell are there still people today that actually want to see Hogan and Flair wrestle?  It isn’t exactly a pretty thing.  Either way, I think the future of this business depends upon keeping it young and keeping it changing.  The Miz is an excellent choice for champion and could take us to amazing places.  Keep your fingers crossed because this could truly be.. Awesome.