Order For Arrest Issued Against Ric Flair In Ongoing Legal Battle

– A judge in North Carolina found Ric Flair in civil contempt of court yesterday and issued an order for his arrest. This comes from Flair not adhering to a mediated Settlement Agreement in the lawsuit against him by Highspots.com.

Flair was required to pay Highspots $35,000 and sign 300 photos as forms of restitution. At a hearing yesterday, the court decreed that Flair had “the assets and income required” to pay the Settlement Agreement but “willfully violated and continues to willfully violate” the court order. The court then ruled that Flair was in “willfull civil contempt of the court” and issued an order for his arrest. The order for Flair’s arrest reads like this:

“Therefore it is ordered, adjudged and decreed that Defendant Richard Fliehr is hereby held in civil contempt for his failure to comply with the Consent Order to Enforce Settlement and that the Defendant be imprisoned for as long as he remains in civil contempt for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days from his date of imprisonment. This imprisonment shall commence on June 27, 2011 without further action of the court.”

Flair can void the arrest order by paying the $35,000 to Highspots and signing the 300 photos.

(Source: PWInsider)