Original Plans For Brock Lesnar & The Undertaker’s Confrontation

WWE sources have informed us that the original plan for the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar confrontation at UFC 121 was for it to occur backstage after the show, likely at the press conference where cameras were. This plan, however, hinged on Brock Lesnar winning his fight – which didn’t happen.

After Lesnar lost, he needed stitches and decided not to appear at the press conference as a way of giving Cain Velasquez his “moment.” The Undertaker, who was invited to the event as a personal guest of UFC President Dana White (a huge Undertaker fan), waited backstage after the fight but left when it became apparent that Brock wasn’t coming out for the press conference.

The video face-to-face confrontation between Lesnar and and The Undertaker turned out to be a lucky coincidence for WWE and was not what the original plan called for. The YouTube video of that confrontation has been viewed millions of times online and generated a ton of buzz last week, so things worked out just fine.