Original Plans For Hogan vs. Sting, Bischoff’s TNA Status & More

– After announcing that Hulk Hogan would be returning to the ring at Bound For Glory and wrestling his longtime rival Sting, there were plans for Ric Flair to be added to the match, making it a 3-way match. Considering Hulk Hogan’s lack of mobility and the history between all three men, TNA officials were hoping that adding Flair to the match would take pressure off Hogan and Sting and allow for more low-impact gimmick spots to be used in the match.

When Flair got injured during his match with Sting on Impact several weeks ago, plans to include Flair in the Hogan-Sting match were dropped and the no-DQ stipulation was added to Hogan-Sting.

– As reported here on the site yesterday, Hulk Hogan has signed a new deal with TNA just days before his previous deal was set to expire. A TNA source has confirmed to us that it’s virtually guaranteed Eric Bischoff will be renewing his deal as well.

– Hogan is in Los Angeles this week filming new commercials for Rent-A-Center with NFL Legend Troy Aikman.