Orton Being Held Back? HHH Wants Legitimate HOF

During an interview with the Pro Wrestling Torch, ex-WWE creative team member John Piermarini suggested that Randy Orton is being held back:

“Randy Orton would have been the perfect adversary for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the Attitude Era. I think he would have worked great there. I think he can work now, I just think Randy Orton is almost – the way we wanted to do it was, “Look, the kids have got John Cena and the 18-year-olds have Randy Orton.” The thing is, what really made Stone Cold work was Stone Cold did things you wanted to do but you never could. You almost lived through Stone Cold. Randy – and it’s not his fault because it’s us not giving it to him – but Randy doesn’t have the chance to do that. Randy has done amazing with his character and I’m amazed with Randy almost every single week. I wish we gave him more to work with to really sort of get him into that creative sort of bad-ass yet PG Stone Cold. By no means do we want to make him Stone Cold Steve Austin, but that’s what made Stone Cold cool was doing those things, driving the beer truck. I wish they would give him things to do like that.”

– According to the Wrestling Observer Triple H is a big supporter of having a physical Hall of Fame building. It’s said that one of his goals for when he takes over from Vince is to make the Hall of Fame more legitimate.

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