Paige Comments On Divas Title Win, Rey Mysterio Talks WWE 2K15, Mick Foley’s Movie Career

– New WWE Divas Champion Paige, who turned 22 on Sunday, tweeted the following after her win over AJ Lee at SummerSlam last night:

– Rey Mysterio posted the following about being in the new WWE 2K15 video game:

“Truly blessed I always say to be part of the WWE2K15! Can’t wait to play it to see what’s new! #wwegaming #masterofthe619. #rep-N-laRaza#openchallenge”

– In the video below, Mick Foley jokes with TMZ about The Rock’s movie career vs. his own. Foley will be playing the title role in Hellevator Man next year.

  • CMP

    But you can only play as Mysterio once every 6-8 months though.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Too bad the game isn’t that impressive (based on the leaked gameplay) except for the improvement in graphics.

    This years installment just feels like a prototype to their actual game, once they receive the feedback for 2K15 i’m sure they’ll make some modifications to next years game and Id say 2K16 will be the WWE game we’ve all been waiting for since HCTP.

    • RReigns121314

      Isnt impressive? Clearly you havent seen the Cena v Cesaro gameplay

      • Monkey D. Luffy

        I have, it’s probably just me, but i see little improvements from 2k14 aside from the graphics, there are still bugs, glitches and the movement of the characters is stiff especially when landing a move.

        I’m also not a fan of the mini games during the match and the grapple system. But hey, that’s just me. I’m just a fan of the older, simpler, more fun games. 2K15 attempts to focus more on realism which takes away from all the fun and enjoyment

        • RReigns121314

          Don’t you enjoy how you can use anything and everything at ringside on your opponent now? similar to SD Just Bring It or Shut Your Mouth

          • Monkey D. Luffy

            Don’t get me wrong dude, i think the game is good for what it’s worth and considering it was 2K’s first attempt at making a WWE game, i think it’s awesome.

            But to a long time WWE video game player, i’m not that much of a fan, i’ll probably still buy it anyway.