Paige Proposes To Alberto Del Rio (Photos and Video)

WWE Superstar Paige and former WWE star Alberto Del Rio are now engaged to be married after Paige proposed with a ring inside the ring at Sunday night’s WWC Aniversario show in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

You can see a videos and photos below:



  • LTweetsU

    it’s like seeing her self destruct and slowly commiting career suicide.

    • Hulkamania

      Her career is not ending anytime soon… Her family owns a wrestling promotion for Christ sake. WWE is strongly biased towards Alberto Del Rio and HHH doesn’t like him. That is the only reason their making a big deal out of it. She can be with who ever she wants as long as she is happy. Look at AJ Lee, she’s happy.

      • Leon Nick Perkins

        I agree. But lets be honest, Alberto del rio sucks. He’s never really been a main eventer. He has weak finishers, and in the beginning Wwe pushed him way too fast. His mic skills arent good and he just never really got over with this US crowd. Then its said by many he’s hard to work with. Paige should be allowed to date who she wants, wwe is just being some sour asses, but the guy is right. Paige has been getting in alot of trouble and since she’s been with del rio, its worse than ever. 2 wellness violations in just a few months??? Yep, her WWE career is over, thats her fault on that one

        • JustusX

          WWE’s Wellness Program was a farce to begin with. Everyone knows that there were certain people protected from testing (or a blind eye was turned).

          I seriously do think that we’re going to see more and more in-ring talents start coming out and saying that while WWE is the top pay-out, it isn’t always worth it. I seriously think that is part of the reason why VKM is giving AJ his run. Not all wrestlers are alcoholics and druggies that need that WWE money to keep feeding their habits. As a matter of fact, that group is becoming smaller and smaller. And an established Indy star can make a decent living on the indy circuit.

          • kstar57

            And now she is pregnant by him so it will be a while be fore she will be in a ring again.

  • tito

    Good for her i hope a new company comes along and ruins wwe. Vince at first made wwe great but now its shit.

  • Wrestling Advisor

    This means that Paige’s wrestling family and Del Rio’s wrestling family are going to be related to each other.

    • RegalDelRio

      and the second british mexican couple after aiden and shaul