Paige Talks About Beating AJ Lee On Raw, Holding The Divas Title & NXT Women’s Title

New WWE Divas Champion Paige spoke with The UK’s Independent about her big win over AJ Lee on Monday’s RAW. She commented on what it was like to get the win:

“Oh my gosh, you have no idea. I lost my mind. Firstly just being in the ring with AJ who I’ve always looked up to, she’s an incredible talent and a woman to be around, and then being on Raw is just insane. I’ve been working my whole career to get to this point, it’s been nearly nine years now, and it was just incredible. I couldn’t stop crying, I haven’t stopped talking to my family about it, it’s overwhelming especially getting so much support from the fans and backstage. It’s been magical.”

She also commented on holding the Divas Title and the NXT Women’s Title:

“The longer I can keep both Championships the better, I’m not just going to give up the NXT Women’s Championship, I worked my booty off to get that in the first place. I’m going to try and keep the WWE Divas Championship, I want to try and have a longer streak than AJ Lee’s. I’m going to be defending them both, and retain them constantly.”

  • attitudeadjustmentera

    Winning the title in her first night is this right route to go with her. How ever, i really don’t wont her in the ring with any of the divas who really can’t go in the ring.

    • Necro

      Couldn’t agree with you more, luckily at least for a while she won’t have a major match with one of them, probably until Payback hopefully she’s feuding with AJ and just her. Total Divas can go do something else with their time.

  • Bryan Thomas

    Put the diva’s division back where it needs to be. Plus she’s way more desirable than those other divas on TV,