Paige’s Mother Reacts To The Private Photos and Videos Leaking

As noted earlier, Paige was apparently the victim of a hack on Friday as several private nude photos and videos of the WWE Superstar were leaked online.

The Paige leaks come after photos of several female celebrities, including actress Emma Watson, were stolen and leaked online this past week. There’s no word on if the Paige leaks are a part of the same hack, or if they were stolen from a device that belonged to Paige or any of the other people in the videos.

Since the leak, Paige took to Twitter and wrote the following. She also re-tweeted a supportive graphic from her brother Roy Knight and posted a link to the song “Human” by Rag’n’Bone Man.

In an update, Paige’s mother Saraya Knight also took to Twitter and commented on the leak. She wrote:

  • PNutButty

    Actually it sort of is her fault. She did the photos and video willingly. Leaks happen all the time. If you don’t want to get leaked don’t do photos or vids like that.

    • Boss

      Her privacy was 100% violated regardless if she has a entire library of porn videos fucking other talent in the locker room, if it’s private between them it should stay private between them. But you are right, these days especially if you’re a celebrity you take a risk of that stuff finding its way out into the public one way or another. So if you do the crime you gotta be willing to do the time, in this case you’re almost asking for it. Ain’t right but it’s true. And it wasn’t even Cell Phone videos, the ones that were hacked I believe WERE from the Cell Phones but it looked like they had a WHOLE OPERATION of video cameras taping each other having sex. I couldn’t believe it. How soon before WWE has a SEX-ED class at their Performance Center telling stars NOT to fuck on camera LOL.

      • Dime

        stfu bitch boy

        • Boss

          What exactly is your problem? Are you Pro Paige or Anti Paige, that’s what this forum is about. It’s really cute you feel the need to insult me but atleast have an opinion about the topic. I mean C’mon. Get with the program or fuck off which you’re probably already doing to Paige’s videos.

          • Dime

            Oh, look. Fag nuts finally had the balls to reply to someone. And what is my problem? You are. You throw out all of these bullshit lines acting like only what you think matters, and you know it all, and yet are most likely some basement dwelling fuck. Also, Paige is ugly as hell, so no thanks. Now go back to watching your child porn before your feelings get hurt.

      • PNutButty

        Then she should put her porn on a data key instead of keeping it on something hackable.


    On the one hand this is an outrageous breach of privacy. On the other hand, well, that hand is busy

  • Emanuel Pugh

    Its no wonder Paige is the way she is,she has a family that enables and defends her to be a slut,and trouble maker. WWE cant fire her soon enough,and they will after the see the photos and sex tape.

    • AllHailKingKurt .

      Xavier woods made the sex tape too, should we label him a slut and should wwe fire him too

      • Emanuel Pugh

        You know thats Woods because?Also woods isnt a troublemaker and has two wellness violation in 2 months like paige.

      • Matt K

        I totally agree wtf. That doesnt make her a slut. Thousands of people video record themselves having sex. She just happens to be in the public eye

  • Boss

    People can’t even compare Rollins to Paige. Comparing Rolins to Paige would be if Paige flashed her tits in a photo. Rollins showed a dick pic, no sex, no video. Thru WWE eyes, Paige is worse. IMO Rollins/TomPhillips was worse cause it involved cheating. Paige did acts with & for her ex boyfriend. Nothing wrong with that besides it became public. Thru WWE eyes, she might as well of done porn like Chyna. Even though you can’t really compare Chyna to Paige cause Chyna was a willing to work with porn companies publicly, it was a legit job & she got paid, she knew what she was getting into, Paige didn’t, Paige was just having fun being young & kinky & dumb. Paige is definitely a victim here and doesn’t deserve to be fired. The only question is if WWE a public traded family oriented company see’s it the same way. If this was Disney she’d be fired immediately.

    • Jay

      Agreed, I still feel Paige’s sex tape and pics are worse IMO. With two WWE employees (one that is still active too) and the fact that this is in the PG era of the WWE, while still being under contract with them. Chyna was done with the company for many years prior to going into porn. It was still bad, but the Paige situation is much worse for the company. A week before ‘Mania? I mean… The timing. Bad PR all the way around.