Panic Within WWE Over Creative Plans, One Big Heel Turn and Several PPV Matches Nixed

There is said to be a lot of panic within WWE right now due to creative plans.

When the decision was made to switch Daniel Bryan and Big Show in the hunt for the WWE Title, the idea was that Show would have a big Survivor Series match with Randy Orton and then follow it up with an even bigger match at TLC with Triple H. A few days before Survivor Series, they dropped the idea of Show vs. Triple H and the plans for TLC were Orton vs. Show in a Tables Match, which is why Show chokeslammed Orton through the table on RAW.

One idea for Cena was to have Big E Langston turn heel and have them feud over the World Heavyweight Title. Obviously when Survivor Series was over, both of those matches were off the books and the new TLC main event was Cena vs. Orton with both titles hanging in the air.


  • saulewright

    clearly, they have lost their damn minds.

  • Steve Holsten

    They need to try Lawler as Booker for awhile. He successfully booked Memphis for years.

    • Chris Collins

      those egomaniacs wouldnt give anyone else a shot at booking

  • Jason

    Swapping talent all the time from face to heel and vise versa can make a talent not get over. because doing so will not just make the fans not sure how to react but also not care one way or another for a talent in general.

  • Bryan Alvarez

    stop quoting f4wonline every time you worthless people.

  • bryan

    With this panic, their going to lose sight on what’s best for business. Thus, ambrose and rollins will be buried. They’ll forget about sandow’s push, make big e a main eventer, cody rhodes main eventer. I like rhodes, but he stll has alot of character growth to go. But the only reason i watch wwe now,is for dean ambrose and damien sandow. If they get buried. I promise i’m done with wrestling for good

    • Brandon Smith

      sandow is blah something about him i don’t like i don’t feel like he has a future yet

  • Dodi

    Damn now i wish Sandow didnt cash MITB would have been way more Intresting

  • Nick Mancuso

    My head hurt just reading that…..