Paul Bearer At Maryland Championship Wrestling’s Anniversary

Saturday, February 26th, 2011
@ The MCW Arena – Dundalk, MD
2401 North Point Blvd – 7PM Bell Time
For tickets and more info, visit or call 888-792-5215.!/event.php?eid=170896036288188

Maryland Championship Wrestling celebrates the 5th Anniversary of the Resurrection of MCW, with MCW ANNIVERSARY 2011 – ULTIMATE JEOPARDY. The event will take place on Saturday night, February 26th, at The Green Room in Dundalk, MD (2401 North Point Blvd – Dundalk, MD).
For tickets, order online at MCW Cybershop (on or call 888-792-5215 NOW!!
Legendary manager PAUL BEARER will appear at MCW Anniversary. Bearer, who has managed former World Champions The Undertaker, Kane, Mankind, and Vader, will come to Baltimore on February 26th. But what will he have in store for the MCW superstars? Find out in less than two weeks.
The main event is the ULTIMATE JEOPARDY FOUR CORNERS MATCH: MCW Heavyweight Champion RYAN McBRIDE vs. MCW Rage Champion COBIAN vs. Former MCW Rage & Tag Team Champion TYLER HILTON vs. Former MCW Heavyweight Champion & Shamrock I, V, & X Winner CHRISTIAN YORK.
The rules for the Ultimate Jeopardy match are as follows:
-One fall to a finish.
-Two wrestlers will be in the ring at all times. The other two will stand on the apron, in the corner, until they are tagged in. A wrestler must tag themselves in, in order to compete in the match.
-The first wrestler to score a pinfall will win the match.
-The wrestler who loses the fall, will lose whatever is on the line for that individual. If McBride or Cobian is pinned, the wrestler who pins them will win their respective championship. If Hilton is pinned, he will lose his MCW career. MCW Commissioner Jimmy Cicero will announce, during the show, what is on the line for Christian York.
For the last seven months, tensions have been rising between all four of these men. Ryan McBride has worked hard to raise the level of the MCW Heavyweight Championship, defending against all-comers, including his former Tag Team Championship partner Teddy Stigma, and veterans like former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino. Cobian has done the same with the MCW Rage Championship, defeating the likes of former champions Adam Cole and Tyler Hilton. Christian York has maintained that he should be the MCW Heavyweight Champion. After losing to McBride at MCW New Year’s Xplosion, York snapped. And now, he is willing to put it all on the line to get one more shot at the champion. And Tyler Hilton has been waiting for an opportunity like this. Always a top contender, Hilton wants to shed that moniker, for one that says champion.
And while it seems that there seems to be a direct split of sides in this match, one has to think about the possibilities. For the Hilton and York, will they sacrifice their chase for a championship, in order to eliminate a top contender that they perceive is in their way on the path to gold? For the two men who are putting their championships on the line, will they sacrifice their friendship, in order to become the first superstar to hold the MCW Heavyweight and Rage Championships simultaneously? Will McBride or Cobian protect the other from losing their respective championship? So many questions. See Anniversary live on February 26th for the answers!
Also at MCW ANNIVERSARY, Fed-Up (G-Fed & C-Fed) will finally get a shot at the MCW Tag Team Championship, as they face the champions The Holy Rollers (Earl The Pearl and Ramblin Rich). Fed-Up received the title shot after C-Fed defeated Ramblin Rich in a singles match at MCW New Year’s Xplosion. Afterwards, “G-Fed” joined Ramblin Rich in attacking C-Fed. “G-Fed” turned out to be Earl The Pearl in disguise. The Holy Rollers, along with their entourage of Jessie Kaye and J.P. Callahan, brutally attacked C-Fed, causing several minor injuries. Now, Fed-Up have vowed to rest the tag titles away from the champs. But what plan do The Rollers have, in order to defeat the challengers?
The brutal feud between Cole Callaway and Ronnie Zukko will continue at MCW ANNIVERSARY. Blinded perhaps by jealousy and rage, Ronnie Zukko attacked Cole Callaway at MCW Legends of Maryland Wrestling II this past October, thus ending their long tag-team partnership. Zukko would cheat, in order to score the tainted victory over Callaway at MCW New Year’s Xplosion. Now, Callaway wants a rematch, and challenged Zukko to a No-Disqualification Match, which Zukko accepted. What will happen when there are no rules to govern these hated rivals?
A battle of the high-flying tag teams will take place as former MCW Tag Team Champions Team MackTion (Kirby Mack & T.J. Mack) will face Shamrock X Participant Rich Swann & Former MCW Heavyweight & Tag Team Champion Ruckus.
After months of dissension within the tag team, former “Hit Squad” members Drolix and Kindred will battle each other on February 26th. The team finally dissolved at MCW New Year’s Xplosion, fighting each other after Drolix suffered a loss to new superstar James Anthony. Now, Drolix and Kindred will prove that good friends make better enemies. Who will prevail?
And “Beautiful” Bobby Shields believes that he is the best looking man in MCW, and hates anyone not as “beautiful” as he is. Shields believes that he should be the face of the organization, and confronted MCW Commissioner Jimmy Cicero at MCW New Year’s Xplosion about that. Shields was humiliated that night, but still insists that he should be the face of all campaigns and the organization as a whole. “The Samoan Tsumani” Nui Tofiga took exception to what Shields had said, and challenged Shields to a match at MCW Anniversary. Commissioner Jimmy Cicero wasted no time in sanctioning that match for February 26th.
All of this, and so much more at MCW Anniversary 2011 on Saturday night, February 26th.

MCW Heavyweight Champion RYAN McBRIDE vs. MCW Rage Champion COBIAN vs. Former MCW Rage & Tag Team Champion TYLER HILTON vs. Former MCW Heavyweight Champion & Shamrock I, V, & X Winner CHRISTIAN YORK.
If McBride is pinned, he will lose the MCW Heavyweight Championship.
If York is pinned, Commissioner Jimmy Cicero will determine what will happen to York.
If Cobian is pinned, he will lose the MCW Rage Championship.
If Hilton is pinned, he will lose his career.
FED-UP (G-Fed & C-Fed) VS. THE HOLY ROLLERS (Earl The Pearl & Ramblin Rich)
Also scheduled to appear…
“The True Professional” JOSHUA DANIELS
And more!
Card subject to change.

This event is dedicated to Dave Witt, also known as Jack Adonis.
On January 11, 2011, Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW) lost a very dear friend in Dave “Jack Adonis” Witt. Not only was Dave the very first commissioner of MCW, but he was much more instrumental in the birth of MCW than people even realize.
A year long battle with colon cancer took Dave away from all of us far too soon at the young age of 41 years old. Everyone in MCW will forever miss Dave’s unique sense of humor and his passion for the gift of laughter.
Along with being a part of MCW Dave was a lifelong wrestling fan and an incredible human being. Many times it is said that someone is “One Of A Kind”, no statement can be more true when it comes to Dave. Please join MCW at Anniversary 2011 where we will spend the evening remembering a friend.

Maryland Championship Wrestling is proud to announce that we are teaming up with former 2-time MCW Heavyweight Champion and new MCW Commissioner “Wiseguy” Jimmy Cicero and current MCW Heavyweight Champion Ryan McBride for BODYSLAM AUTISM 2011. This year-long campaign will be designed to raise awareness about Autism. For more information, please visit

More ticket information can be found at Tickets can be purchased online, over the phone or at the door the night of the event. You can also visit one of the ticket outlets listed below. If you have any questions please feel free to e mail us directly at
Over The Phone purchase – 888-792-5215
The Green Room (call for hours)
2401-G North Point Blvd
Dundalk, MD 21222
410 282-0825
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Plaza Flea Market
2401 North Point Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21222

For more information, visit:!/event.php?eid=170896036288188

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