Paul Heyman Breaks His Silence On CM Punk/WWE

Just a few minutes before CM Punk walked out to that thunderous ovation in Chicago, Paul Heyman finally broke his silence regarding Punk’s now-legendary promo 20 days ago in which he gave Heyman credit for seeing something in him no one else could see, and declaring himself a “Paul Heyman Guy” (which seems to be the rage of Twitter now).

On The Heyman Hustle Twitter Page, Heyman finally broke his silence, saying:

“It’s been 20 days since @CMPunk turned the wrestling world and WWE Universe completely upside down w/ his performance.

It’s not what @CMPunk said, it’s the realism with which his promo was delivered. HE felt it. So did millions of fans, too.

@CMPunk is not the voice of the voiceless, he’s the voice of today’s generation!

@CMPunk is cool and bad ass, yet he’s a man of principle. He translates to grownups and kids alike.

I’M A @CMPunk GUY!”