Paul Heyman Hints Towards Brock Lesnar Not Returning to UFC, Staying with the WWE

Brock Lesnar is unlikely to return to the UFC according to his long time associate Paul Heyman.

During an interview with, Heyman states “I think Dana White would love to have Brock Lesnar back, I think Lorenzo Fertitta would love to have Brock Lesnar back. Does Brock Lesnar want to go back? I don’t think Brock has anything to prove in the UFC anymore. He’s 35 years old. He made a lot of money in the UFC.”

Heyman’s comments seem to give the inside edge to Brock Lesnar resigning with the WWE. There has been much speculation about the WWE offering Lesnar a new contract once his current deal expires after Wrestlemania 29.

However, Heyman goes on to say that “How hungry can a fighter be when he has millions and millions of dollars in the bank? What’s there for him to gain?”

Even though Heyman relates this comment to Lesnar returning to the UFC, it resonates with the WWE as well. It has been reported that Lesnar’s current WWE contract is one year for five million dollars, according to Add that to the “millions and millions of dollars” Lesnar already possesses it can be speculated that a return to the WWE may be in question also.

Heyman will return to WWE television tonight during Raw in Montreal. It is unknown when Lesnar will return to WWE television.