Paul Heyman Hypes “Plan C,” Roman Reigns Comments On Battleground, Bad News Barrett

– Paul Heyman tweeted the following during WWE Battleground:

– Bad News Barrett had words for new WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz after his win tonight at Battleground:

– Roman Reigns spoke to after losing at Battleground and had the following to say:

“No excuses, back to the drawing board. New game plan starts tomorrow on #Raw”

  • Matthew Garriet

    Everyone knows it is BROCCCK LESSSNAR

    • Scarlett Valentyna Michanco

      El Dandy

  • Dr.Jon Kou

    We all know Heyman is gonna go on roids and bulk up for Summer Slam

  • Dave Macleod

    NAW MAN, PLAN C IS TOTALLY GONNA BE CM…Nah I’m kidding we all know it’s gonna be Lesnar.

    • Xx_Deadpool_xX

      Wouldn’t it be a shock if it was though

      • Bill Sux

        Plan C is going to be Goldberg ;)

  • ChloeMatthews


  • wwefan

    so is he done with cesaro? If so that was kind of a big waste of time and a missed opportunity for both heyman and cesaro

    • thesmarktank

      Totally agree, IF he’s done with Cesaro. Why can’t Heyman have a stable? With Lesnar as top dog, and Cesaro and Axel in there too? Cesaro can use the heat, and Axel needs ANYTHING to be relevant.