Paul Heyman Returning To WWE With Brock Lesnar?, Full Details

There has been a lot of speculation on Paul Heyman returning to WWE now that Brock Lesnar has returned for at least a year. Word is that there are no plans for Heyman to come in, he was not part of the negotiations and is not a part of the deal.


Heyman simply isn’t available as he has other things going on.


There are people in WWE who want Heyman to come back as a sort of “talking head” or a TV personality. Heyman is based in the Northeast and could be useful as a public figure for WWE.


WWE has reached out for Heyman to do interviews and things like that but he has turned them down every time because he has other priorities.


It’s possible that we see Heyman return to WWE in the future but don’t bet on it happening anytime soon, based on talk that’s going around.