Paul Heyman Teases Big Name Is Backstage, Matt Striker Hints At Big Return, JBL Checks In

– Paul Heyman tweeted the following early Monday evening, teasing that a “big name” is backstage at RAW:

“Backstage @WWE #RAW #OldSchool I’m looking down the hallway, and
#OMFG .. that can’t be … it just can’t be … is it really HIM?”

– Matt Striker hinted at a big return on tonight’s RAW. He wrote on his Twitter:

“I know we r in Buffalo but its ‘a little darker than usual’ in the arena….hmmm old school can mean so many things…”

– WWE announcer JBL, who is in the midst of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in South America, has provided updates on his journey via Twitter. On Saturday, he tweeted: “At base camp now 14,300 feet, 13 miles yesterday in 55mph freezing winds and dust to get here. 9 days from summit! Brutal day!”

Earlier today, he wrote:

“Successful carry to 16,200 yesterday. Tomorrow we leave for 1st camp and then summit push over next week. Will be -20 real temp on summit day. Will be 6-8 hours of climbing daily from now on and summit day could be 15-18 hours. Ready to climb Mt Death! Actual temp at summit day will be -20 at least, wind chill will be -60 to -80.”

  • Dan91

    Taker. Obviously.

  • Matthew Bahls

    Got a text from WWE’s text service saying “I have risen.”