Paul Heyman’s Brock Lesnar Tease For Old School Raw, Ken Shamrock Talks On Fighting Lesnar

– reported that Paul Heyman confirmed Brock Lesnar for Old School RAW and said he’s looking to do something “old school” while he’s there. If WWE sticks to the plan of Lesnar going at it with Big Show, Heyman could have been referring to Lesnar hitting Show with a F5, something he did over 10 years ago on the November 28th, 2002 episode of SmackDown.

– Former WWE and UFC star Ken Shamrock recently appeared on Under the Mat Radio and discussed how he would fight Brock Lesnar if the two ever fought in UFC. Shamrock said:

“The way I would attack is taking him into the later rounds. I think that he has two left feet when it comes to his stand up. He really does have real good technique, he’s slow… make him use a lot of energy with his punches and keep moving.”

  • jordon

    I thought he was referring to the Undertaker. They feuded back when Taker was the American Badass, Old School was kinda his thing then if I’m not mistaken. If they go through with Taker/Lesnar then I wouldn’t be surprised if they started early with their feud. Kind of how he attacked Punk in June and their match was in July.