The Perfect Storm: WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Preview

Welcome to the Perfect Storm’s 2013 Elimination Chamber thoughts and predictions! This month, we’ve got a new face in Jee-S writing for us! Jee-S and myself are joined as usual by Mike Lightning, KP, and JBru. We hope you enjoy the read!

Brodus Clay & Tensai vs. Team Rhodes Scholars (Pre-Show)

Jee-S: The outcome of this match will influence a lot of things. I personally think that splitting up Rhodes & Sandow was a terrible mistake from the WWE for two reasons: first of all, they were easily the top contenders to dethrone Team Hell No for the Tag Titles and second of all, they haven’t been able (yet) to find a program for them as singles wrestlers. On the other hand, the newly formed team of Tensai & Clay is weird but effective. The only thing is they are meant to work the crowd because let’s face it, none of them can put on great in-ring performances. I think WWE writers realized their mistake and they will book Rhodes Scholars to win this one.

KP: Well the recently broken up tag team has a reunion already…and it’s against a super heavyweight train wreck of a character and a pointless character who’s a super heavyweight. You decide which one I’m talking about. I see Team Rhodes Scholars once again climbing the jobber ladder and slowly watching WWE drop the ball that is the Savior of the Masses.
Winners: Brodus Clay & Tensai win the match, seeing Naomi and Cameron dance makes us the fans win

ML: After splitting Rhodes Scholars so they could pursue singles careers, the WWE stuck Brodus and Tensai in a tag team, so they can keep the tag team division “relevant.” Though I’m extremely happy that Sandow and Rhodes are back as singles competitors, the WWE should have allowed Rhodes and Sandow to run with the tag team championships around their waists. Another move, I’m not understanding is this “split” between the two, because they have continued to team during house shows and less than a month after splitting up, they’re now teaming on this pre-show match up. Sandow and Rhodes deserve better. The WWE needs to do something bigger with them. Tensai and Brodus are going to be pushed by the WWE because they actually LIKE this team.
Prediction: BroSai (Brodus Clay & Tensai)
Confidence Points: 3

JBru: Well, that split-up between Rhodes and Sandow lasted just slightly longer than Paul Heyman’s resignation this past Raw. Anyway, I’m not sure what WWE is trying to prove with this tag team match. Perhaps it’s just to warm up the crowd by having the newly-paired-up gargantuan groovy good guys (trademark that team name!) win over Team Rhodes Scholars, or maybe its WWE’s way of convincing themselves that Japanese Albert can actually get as over as a face as Clay has so far. Either way, this may be the last time Rhodes and Sandow team up before truly going on to win singles gold; they aren’t in the tag team title hunt anymore anyway, so a win here for them would be pointless in the long run. Brodus and Tensai will win and continue their run as the next unstoppable duo.
Winners: The Newly-paired-up Gargantuan Groovy Good Guys

JT: Rhodes and Sandow are too good for the pre show, and they’re too good to be paired against this terrible tag team. All around, this scenario does not look good for either individual as we get closer to April 7. The only justice here is for Team Rhodes Scholars to come out on top. Confidence Points: 1

Divas Champion Kaitlyn vs. Tamina Snuka

KP: I think this match can go either way as far as match quality but the lack of build/interest to this match makes it filler. Regardless of these factors I believe Kaitlyn will ultimately retain the championship.
Winner and STILL Diva’s Champion: Kaitlyn

Jee-S: I believe Kaitlyn will win this because a loss for her would make the Divas Title more irrelevant than it already is and the WWE can’t afford that. Kaitlyn has to be built as a strong champion and a one month reign would be pointless on a writing standpoint. I still expect Tamina to give her a strong opposition, perhaps to bring back a bit of credibility to the belt.

ML: With no hype, no build, and truly no storyline, the WWE decided to finally put the Divas back on television. During this season’s Road to WrestleMania, the Divas have become scarce and have almost completely disappeared from the WWE. They have had almost no television time at all(minus a Tamina squash of Layla on Smackdown) and the WWE expects the fans to possibly care for this match. It’s a shame that the WWE has done this with the division because I enjoy Kaitlyn and would like to see what she can do with a legitimate run as the Champion. But we know she probably won’t get her fair shake and will continue to take a backseat to more “important storylines.” We all know that they will not receive enough time and will be relegated as a filler between either the Chamber and World Title matches, or the Six-Man Tag and the WWE Championship match.
Prediction: Kaitlyn to retain the Jeff Hardy Divas Championship
Confidence Points: 3

JBru: Insert catch phrase of the Miz here. This match has no hype, no build-up, and was just made official in a WWE App exclusive video hardly anyone watches? FAIL! Every segment between these two prior to this match proves that WWE has no respect for its Divas division or the talented (for the most part) femme fatales that are part of it. Not saying that Tamina doesn’t deserve a run with the butterfly belt, but this feud (if you can call it that) needs more build, more legitimacy. Besides, this match is merely an afterthought, so having her win in a match that even WWE doesn’t seem to really care about would be a slap in the face to Kaitlyn and all the Divas.
Winner: Kaitlyn

JT: WWE doesn’t seem to care too much about the divas, so why should we? I like the potential of this feud, but that’s about all it amounts to. They could go either way here, but I expect Kaitlyn to retain the gold for no other reason than the fact that WWE hasn’t played hot potato with the title lately. Confidence Points: 2

United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz

The Miz has certainly been a roller coaster in recent memory. Up and down career after the WWE Championship reign the night after Survivor Series 2010 until Extreme Rules 2011. Very rocky, even jobbed for a few months here and there. Now I believe Miz’s job at the moment is to be a stepping stone for Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro to me in the ring is very talented and has a unique style. WWE needs to get new stars ready for the next level and this could be an extra step for him leading into that. I think he can be a great foreign star for the WWE if used right in the coming time.
Winner and STILL United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro

Jee-S: This is a tough one because a loss for Cesaro would obviously mean that he’s getting a push to the main event scene. The Miz has “upper midcard babyface” written on his forehead and he would be a good U.S. Champion, but I think Cesaro honestly needs a stronger opposition to lose the belt and move forward on the card. The Miz is great, no doubt, but the match hasn’t been hyped enough for that push to happen this Sunday and I believe Cesaro still needs a couple of wins to build his character. I pick Antonio Cesaro to retain his title.

ML: I’ve seen a lot of negative comments surrounding this match because The Miz didn’t win the first time around. I’m not one of those people, I actually enjoy this feud and I like what the WWE has done with Cesaro. And it almost seems impossible but the WWE by booking Cesaro this way has added a lot of prestige to that title. They have, probably by accident, made the US Title relevant again. I would like to see The Miz be involved in the two World Titles pictures somehow during the 2013 campaign, but I would like to see the WWE bring Sandow, Rhodes and Cesaro into those pictures as well(Ziggler is a given). Hopefully Cesaro and Miz will be able to put on a highly entertaining match in the short amount of time they’ll be given.
Prediction: Antonio Cesaro to retain the United States Championship
Confidence Points: 4

JBru: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. The Miz (United States Championship)
Remember my Royal Rumble prediction for this very same match? I said the rivalry between these two was still in its larval stage, and they should continue feuding before the major climax at the next pay-per-view. The time has come! With the way he picked Miz apart this past Raw, the crowd is more pro-Miz now than ever, and want their must-see hero to finally take the patriotic prize from this arschloch (look it up). Miz can have his run with the US title, and Cesaro can move up the ladder and start feuding with top-card faces, maybe landing himself in the world tite hunt.
Winner: Le Miz

JT: With the Miz acquiring the figure four and being pushed as a top mid card face, you’d expect for his momentum to start mounting with some pay per view victories. However, Miz is going against a seasoned vet in Cesaro. Cesaro has an enormously bright future in WWE and will probably continue his run with the gold into WrestleMania. I predict Cesaro to retain the US Championship. Confidence Points: 3

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

KP: Well it’s the same song and dance once again. Big Show and ADR have had a fun little feud and now it seems that feud is about done and I’m glad. I think Del Rio should be moving on and concentrating on his Wrestlemania opponent, whoever wins the Elimination Chamber. I really like Alberto Del Rio’s face turn. Not the prettiest thing in the world but he’s making that new gimmick work any way he can. Good luck to him and his good work.
Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Jee-S: I think the outcome of this match can go two ways and either way, Big Show is not leaving the pay-per-view with the World Heavyweight Championship. If WWE wants Del Rio to be champion for WrestleMania, then he’s obviously winning this one. The other scenario would be the beginning of the long-awaited title reign of Dolph Ziggler, in which the winner of this match is not important seeing as Ziggler cashes in his briefcase to capture the gold. The second idea would be, for me, the one that makes the most sense. Either way, Alberto Del Rio or Dolph Ziggler are going to Mania as World Heavyweight Champion.

ML: The only problem I have with this match again is that this time, there’s no stipulation. How does the WWE expect Show and Del Rio to be able to put on a good quality match like they did the first two times? Especially going from two Last Man Standing Matches to just a regular match? Del Rio’s face turn has been nice iin my opinion and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. The WWE did the right thing in making him a face; they just need to be careful that he doesn’t become stagnant and tired with the crowd too early. I’m also enjoying the fact that Show has stayed relevant despite his size and age. He still can wrestle pretty well for a big guy and has produced some good matches since becoming World Champion and even before, when he started becoming a legitimate contender again. I believe this is Show’s last go at the World Title and this could possibly be his last match involving any World Championship.
Prediction: Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Title
Confidence Points: 4

JBru: Big Show is being made to look like a giant baby as of late. Throwing tantrums, yelling incoherently, KOing anyone in sight, it’s clear his time in the world title picture is just about done. I’ll keep this one short and sweet: with or without distraction from Ricardo (or anyone else Big Show KOed who may be looking to get revenge), Del Rio will retain the gold and move on to his next feud with yet another unstoppable monster. Unless…
Winner: Dolph Ziggler! (yea, right…) ADR

JT: A regular one on one match between these guys may be refreshing after the TWO Last Man Standing matches that we’ve previously been treated to. I think straight up wrestling is where Del Rio excels at making his opponents look good, and there has always been this odd bit of undeniable chemistry between this duo. I expect Del Rio to retain here and move on to WrestleMania as World Champion. Confidence Points: 5

Elimination Chamber Match to determine the No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry vs Jack Swagger vs Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs Chris Jericho

KP: So many many choice and so little time for Wrestlemania. Jack Swagger is back? Blah. Chris Jericho is back? YES! Seeing Daniel Bryan and Kane being inside the Elimination Chamber? They probably won’t win considering WWE will likely make them feud into Wrestlemania. Mark Henry is back? That’s a great thing and he’s off to a dominating start. Last but not least, Randall Keith Orton is in it…yeah he’s not winning. I really think it’ll come down to some kind of miracle performance by one of these two guys (Bryan/Y2J) against the man I think is taking the final pin (Mark Henry). I feel like if anyone can pull that off perfectly it’d be one of these two fine wrestlers. Honestly the Jerichohaulic in me is poisoning my mind. I cannot compute Bryan as the winner. At the risk of getting this final match wrong, I will go with Jericho going to Wrestlemania 29 to face the World Heavyweight Champion. Why? Because Dolph Ziggler has to cash in eventually right? AJ Lee really neutered him, just when you think he was on the rise he falls in the last two months. Oh well.
Winner and #1 contender: Chris Jericho

Jee-S: The winner of this match depends on the outcome of the World Heavyweight Championship match. If Alberto Del Rio still ends up champion, I think Mark Henry will win the match seeing as he’s a great heel to feud with the latino babyface. A program between those two could be interesting. If Ziggler cashes in, my money is on Chris Jericho to win this match and continue his feud with Dolph through Mania over the title. We have seen five stars matches between these two and WWE writers seem to like the idea of this keeping this rivalry alive.

ML: From Tuesday to Sunday, I posted Facebook statuses profiling each participant in the Elimination Chamber, so I won’t spend too much time talking about each of them here. Henry and Swagger have been made to look dominate since their returns and they have done a good job with it. Swagger’s “repackage” hasn’t really added anything new to his old character except aggression. Henry is just back to kicking asses and taking names. My only problem with Henry is he needs to stay healthy. I actually enjoy this gimmick and enjoyed his World Title reign. Kane and Daniel Bryan seem pointless in this match, honestly. They should have had a Tag Team Title match instead of being involved in the Chamber, namely because we know they won’t win it. My guess is that one or the other will end up eliminating one, and the other will distract or interfere causing the other one to get eliminated. We know that a Team Hell No split is coming. That leaves Randy Orton and Chris Jericho. My two favorites to win this. Anyone who is a fan of Chris Jericho’s know that usually he returns he does so in an unselfish manner and comes back simply just to put over new and young talent but at a very high level. Orton is favored because the WWE wants to move forward with Sheamus and Orton at Mania for the World Title… the hell does that happen now? Del Rio would have be involved if Orton wins this match. And a triple threat involving Sheamus, Orton and Del Rio is definitely an intriguing match, for me personally.
Prediction: Chris Jericho
Confidence Points: 2

QuickNote: My ideas for booking don’t usually fall in line with the WWE’s idea for “creative” booking but I feel the WWE has set this up nicely with Jericho. Having Jericho win the Chamber, become a tweener with Del Rio during their build for the match, have him beat Del Rio at Mania, but have Ziggler cash the MitB contract in on Jericho after the match. The next night on Raw have the rematch, Ziggler wins and after the match have Big E. Langston attack Jericho “injuring” Jericho. It would explain Jericho’s absence while he tours with Fozzy and sets up Ziggler and Jericho for SummerSlam when Jericho returns. That’s my logic and makes perfect sense and rises Ziggler up into super stardom. But it’s probably just wishful thinking on my part.

JBru: Here’s how I break down the participants of this, the only confirmed Elimination Chamber match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (good booking, WWE!). Randy Orton already held world title gold nine times in his career, and unless he suddenly turns heel, there’s no premise for him to feud with Del Rio again. Daniel Bryan and Kane can’t win because they’re still tag team champs, but this match could further their implosion by having Kane eliminate Bryan, then Bryan distract Kane so he also gets eliminated. Chris Jericho is there purely as the seasoned veteran to add prestige to the match, plus he’ll most likely continue his feud with Dolph Ziggler, who may swoop in and cause Y2J to get eliminated. Jack Swagger… just, no. If anyone deserves a shot at the title, it must be the man who I believe only lost the belt in the first place due to injury: Mark Henry! He and Swagger have torn through everyone since returning earlier this month, but if you put them against each other in a one-on-one match… I rest my case.
Winner: The World’s Strongest Man

JT: There’s a pretty simple way of looking at this year’s ONLY Chamber match. Jack Swagger will not win it, nor will Kane or Daniel Bryan. Kane and Dbry are setting up for something at Mania, whether it be one on one or tag team action. Swagger is just not that guy, and WWE would be foolish to push him into the World Title scene after a non-repackage-repackage. Yes, I just said that; changing one’s hairstyle doesn’t change an overall gimmick, nor does adding a pointless manager to stand behind him. I’d love to see Jericho win and create an awesome World Title match scenario for Mania, but I don’t see WWE rolling in that direction this time around. Jericho has already stated all over the web that he’d like to come and go every couple of months, and pitting him against the World Champion when it seems pretty obvious that he won’t be carrying the gold is just a silly concept. That leaves my two favorites in the match: Mark Henry and Randy Orton. Why the hell can’t Sheamus be in here too? Orton seems like the logical choice to win, but I think that a one on one encounter with Sheamus would be much more interesting for the overall picture. I’d book Mark Henry to challenge Alberto Del Rio for a couple reasons. First, Del Rio would have to prove himself a worthy Champion by defeating an unstoppable force like Henry. Second, Del Rio would further be forced to carrying Mark Henry to a great wrestling match. Sounds like a win-win scenario for Del Rio’s character overall. Mark Henry wins the Elimination Chamber. The only other option here is for Henry to lose and get booked against an up and coming face like Ryback. Confidence Points: 2

John Cena, Ryback & Sheamus vs. The Shield

KP: Team Superman will win, that’s what general wisdom would tell you. WWE Logic tells you the same thing. So I’m going to go with that in hopes that WWE goes against the grain and sides with the Shield? Bahahahahahaha WWE? Against the grain? Pfft CM Punk has a better shot at winning the WWE Championship than they do winning this match but I really like The Shield, I think tonight or in the coming weeks should be the addition of a new member to the group. We’ll see as time goes on but with all these Super babyfaces you can’t really be positive for the young stable. But we’ll see when these teams go up against each other. I’m hoping it goes the opposite way but I’ll go with the Superfaces.
Winners: Meatheads

Jee-S: I won’t lie, I’m torn for this one. John Cena, who obviously has his Twice in a Lifetime match with The Rock penciled in for Mania, cannot go on the grandest stage of them all with a pay-per-view loss, so we should expect Cena to prevail once again, against all odds, and win this one. On the other hand, The Shield has never lost a match and has really looked like a menace since arriving on the main roster. WWE, whether we admit it or not, are smart enough to understand that a loss for the stable would bury them completely. The only way I see a Shield victory possible is either with outside interference or if Cena isn’t involved in the loss. Either way, this should be a very unpredictable match (yes, I understand that I put “Cena” and “unpredictable” in the same sentence)

ML: The WWE really dropped the ball with this match, namely because it effectively takes SHIELD out of any major important match up at Mania. Ryback and Sheamus won’t be booked in any multiple man tag match, so the WWE will need to find storylines involving them quickly. We all know Cena’s plans for Mania, so this match kind of feels out of place for filler PPV. I know they booked the match to try and draw interest and generate more buys for the PPV, but this was something that should have been saved for Mania. The WWE also dropped the ball in the style of match this was; this match should have been inside the Chamber, but didn’t need to be Elimination Style. Kind of like they did during their TLC match where they changed the rules. They should have added the stipulation that it was inside the Chamber and the only way to win was pinfall or submission, but ONLY after EACH member of each team was released from their pod. The WWE really botched a potentially excellent match all to hell by not being creative enough.
Prediction: The WWE SuperFace All-Star Squad
Confidence Points: 5

JBru: Is this match going to take place in the chamber or not?! And if it does, how would that work with a 3-on-3 tag team match? Anyway, as much as I love this black-clad trio, their seemingly random attacks on the WWE’s top faces are starting to get redundant. These guys need a legit rivalry with someone besides Ryback to keep them fresh, or at least delve a bit deeper into why they’re attacking everyone. Paul Heyman has no reason to unleash them on Brodus Clay or Randy Orton, so what’s their true motive? Here, they’re going up against the top three faces of WWE: Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus. I’m predicting the Shield will use their “divide and conquer” strategy to pick Team Super-Jesus apart one by one. Since Sheamus’ feud with Big Show actually made him seem human (more so than his teammates, anyway), the Celtic Warrior will take the fall so Ryback remains unpinned and Cena is protected for his WrestleMania match.
Winner: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns

JT: I’m expecting the Shield to really show their stuff here, and it’s about time. Their match at TLC was a fun brawl, but this one SHOULD be a serious wrestling match that showcases some raw talent. I don’t like the idea of the dominant team of the Shield losing, but I think Vince McMahon will be more against Ryback losing. I expect the faces to win this match. Confidence Points: 5

WWE Champion The Rock vs. CM Punk (If Rock is counted out or disqualified, Punk wins the WWE Title)

KP: Oh boy…so many things wrong with this in my opinion. So The Rock is walking around as the WWE Champion? Blah. Everyone is a critic, some disagree and others agree that The Rock being WWE Champion is a good thing. Well that’s kind of vague so I’ll elaborate more because as far as business (revenue, ratings, interest) is concerned it was a good idea. Personally I think it was a bad idea because as much money and eyeballs they draw into the product, the WWE cannot keep that crowd of people there when he is gone. I make that prediction partially because the WWE seems to be going with the route of John Cena getting his revenge against The Rock and winning the WWE Championship. As far as I know, John Cena winning the title is something people don’t want to see…then again some people don’t want to see him face The Rock again at all because how bad it was the first time. CM Punk however was the best thing going and still is; he’s working the delusional, obsessed, insane, ego-driven character perfect. You can buy how crazy he’s become since the blemish of The Rock beating him. I hope this match ends clean; I cannot take another “screw-job”/interference finish to a PPV. I don’t think we’ve seen a clean loss to end a show since Summerslam when Lesnar broke HHH’s arm. This has to be clean, they cannot ruin this match for a second time for the second straight PPV. To some I don’t know it’d be considered a dream match and well it’s not much of a dream with nightmare-ish booking. Well I’m going with The Rock winning because I see CM Punk will be needed elsewhere…besides if he regains the WWE Championship, why in the world take it off him the first time? That’s where it’d feel completely pointless and lose all interest in Wrestlemania.
Winner and STILL WWE Champion: The Rock

Jee-S: This is sadly a no-brainer, The Rock will retain because of the obvious rematch that’s waiting for him at WrestleMania 29 with John Cena. I expect CM Punk to look strong in his defeat as he remains THE top heel in the company. Expect some storytelling to be done, maybe outside interference or something happening while the referee is knocked out. Either way, I’m really hoping the two superstars get to top their Royal Rumble encounter.

ML: A lot of speculation surrounding this match. One, if Undertaker is able to wrestle at Mania is there where he makes his appearance felt? Does he target Punk and cost him his title match? Two, if Undertaker can’t wrestle at Mania, does Punk regain the WWE Title and make The Rock/Cena II turn into a Triple Threat Match? Three, if Undertaker can’t wrestle at Mania and The Rock wins retaining the title, what the hell do you do with CM Punk at Mania? Can you generate an important enough storyline to keep him involved that doesn’t involve the WWE Title or the Streak? A lot of interest possibilities. My thoughts on this match: why even bother with it? You know the outcome regardless of what the rumors or speculation may bring. The only reason I could possibly see for having this rematch at this PPV was to start fueling the Punk/Taker storyline for WrestleMania.
Prediction: The Rock to retain the WWE Championship
Confidence Points: 5

JBru: If Rocky gets counted out or disqualified, he loses the title. It’s not in his character to do either of that, so what’s the point of the stipulation? Also, what’s CM Punk going to do if he somehow leaves with the gold? Hold it for another 430+ days? Not likely! People are growing tired of his matches with Cena and Rock, no matter how much chemistry they have. I’m sure Paul Heyman and/or Brock Lesnar will get involved somehow. Lesnar’s back with WWE for a couple years, so maybe he’ll somehow become a contender for the WWE title. I’m siding with the dirt sheets and saying that Rock will retain so he can maybe lose it to Cena in their second “once in a lifetime” match (?). Then Lesnar can attack Cena, they can feud over the title, and Rock can go back to making movies!
Winner: The People’s Champion

JT: This promises to be a kickass followup to their Rumble match. I hope it’s not filled with as much controversy at the finish this time around. Punk will probably have an awesome performance, and I expect him to have the best match at WrestleMania as well. Despite how I feel about the Rock as WWE Champion, he’s going to draw in viewers and keep people talking. Rock retains here. Confidence Points: 5

MY IDEAL SCENARIO: I don’t believe WWE will do this, but why not have Cena cost Rock the WWE Championship against Punk, and thus set up Cena/Rock 2 without the title on the line? All Cena has to do is come to the ring and smack CM Punk with a steel chair; Punk wins by DQ and wins the title. Cena says he doesn’t want his WWE Title match, but he wants a second shot at the Rock instead. Then you can have Punk defend the WWE Championship against Ryback in the match we were never given(or whoever WWE wants to roll with by this point…I’d go with Sheamus if you want an unforgettable WWE Title match) Just an idea to save the obvious “Cena’s going to win the belt again” predictions.

Despite things seeming a bit questionable as it pertains to the build towards WrestleMania, I feel WWE has given us a well rounded card that should easily trump the Elimination Chamber show that we saw last year! Please feel free to share your thoughts and predictions below. Thanks for reading!

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