Photo: AJ Lee Wardrobe Malfunction At WWE SmackDown Tapings

On Friday’s SmackDown, AJ Lee will team up with Dolph Ziggler in a mixed tag match against Natalya and the Great Khali. AJ Lee is teasing on Twitter that fans should tune in to see a possible wardrobe malfunction:

“If you need two words that aren’t ‘The Rock’ to convince you to watch Smackdown this week, here they are: wardrobe malfunction.”

Here’s a picture of AJ Lee’s wardrobe malfunction, with her top coming up and exposing her bra:

  • Shane Mead

    Seriously…a bra being exposed is a wardrobe malfunction?

    • EnduringDevoted™

      You didn’t see the match did you? There was a better outlook of it after she and Dolph won that match

  • #SLUT

    So if a bra being exposed is a wardrobe malfunction, Then the good ole missed bras and panties matches were filled with malfunctions

  • Dead Man

    It was happening the whole time during the match

  • Standupbitch

    You don’t understand, this is pg version of Wardrobe malfunction.