Photo Of Bret Hart’s Knee After Surgery, Why Dolph Ziggler Wasn’t Used On WWE Raw & More

Bret Hart

– Bret Hart confirmed on Twitter that he had knee surgery on Monday:

“Finally got a matching set…”

– As noted earlier, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E Langston worked the dark main event after last night’s WWE RAW from Atlanta but did not appear on the live broadcast. reports that when the RAW script was changed around, WWE officials didn’t have a spot on this week’s show for Ziggler largely because they had other storylines they were pushing.

  • Michael Grooms

    That is the stupidest excuse ever! Ziggler could have easily cost Jericho his match against Punk to set up a match at the Elimination Chamber. Jericho losing cleanly to Punk again did nothing to help either man.

    • ♋•†Γ!plΣb2k1•♋ – WGU

      you assume there’s going to be one lol

  • Feenics

    WTF?! No room for Ziggler? Have the WWE creative writers lost their minds?

    • ♋•†Γ!plΣb2k1•♋ – WGU

      i see their point…more important stories & I’m not exactly sold on him