Photo: Brooke Hogan Wardrobe Malfunction During Her Wedding

Brooke Hogan experienced a wardrobe malfunction during the brawl that took place during her wedding between Aces & Eights, Bully Ray, Hulk Hogan and Sting. The footage aired on Impact but is blurred out on Youtube. You can see the picture below:

  • Knitemare

    she’s getting married?? Wonder how much money her “husband” has lool

  • PhoenixDriver


  • Chris Daniels

    Lol, I didn’t think they would go through that. We discussed it in the Locker Room. Still, it makes no difference to me, all the knockouts and superstars have the same locker room and all the knockouts get naked in front of us and they don’t care. A couple of months ago Angelina Love stripped for us and we all got naked and she gave me a blowjob. Frankie (Kaz) got it on tape!