Photo: CM Punk Hangs Out With Former WWE Diva & Her Fiancé

CM Punk

As reported, CM Punk attended the UFC 170 event in Las Vegas Saturday night and watched the show from cageside with Dana White. After the event, he hung out with Rener Gracie, Eve Torres and others:

  • Chris Jericho

    I really hate his face. I would slap the shit outta that bean pole

    • SSXThomas


      • Chris Jericho

        Cookie Puss Munk

  • TheUndertaker21

    cookie puss

  • James Humwood

    He actually looks happy I’m glad he’s looking rested leaving did him good

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      kinda looks like a “ah f**k this is going on the internet*

  • Harps Starkz

    Punk is getting old and going through a mid life crisies wwe is better without him.