Photo: Finn Balor Wearing A Sling After WWE SummerSlam

As we previously reported, new WWE Universal champion Finn Balor was injured during his SummerSlam match against Seth Rollins.

Balor was sporting his right arm in a sling following the show. Within WWE, there is concern the injury is serious and could require surgery.

Balor will be getting examined today and once WWE has a determination on exactly how serious the injury is, they will go from there, reports.

Balor appeared this morning on Good Morning America but did not have his arm in a sling.

Finn Balor

  • ChrisUK92

    Oh shit. It was that powerbomb on the barricade. This is not good news if he needs surgery

  • Brie Wyatt

    Rollins injuring people like wtf

  • Leon Nick Perkins

    Thats too many people he’s injured in a year. Finn balors corner dropkick is actually alot like the buckle bomb by seth rollins

  • eonphi

    Please, no one tell Bret.