Photo: Former WWE Diva Michelle McCool Has Surgery

After years of wrist pain, former WWE Diva Michelle McCool had surgery earlier today. She tweeted the following:

  • Coldgrits

    Feel better lady. you should come back and take Bob Ortons old role of bopping people over the head with your cast to win dah-ha-ha.

  • Graemerz

    Its been a while since the Undertaker got a handjob then…..

    • WWE

      Ba dum tssss

    • bengalsmarvel

      I bet he gets what he wants when he wants it

  • Stormfront

    Oh god I didn’t recognize her, if you just showed me the pic I never would have guessed it was her…

  • Brandon

    I hope you get better Michelle. Tell Undertaker that I hope he wins at WrestleMania 30. 22-0!!!

  • Cody

    McTaker hasn’t aged well.

  • sam watson

    Well at least you’ve had your surgery,now you deal with healing pain. I’m still waiting for my surgery since August, pain is no fun. One wrist or two? That need to be done. I remember the brace you wore in wwe after injuring it there did they step up and do right thing and offer to cover medical expenses? Everybody making bad off cuff remarks about you and undertaker I will not its not nice to kick someone when they are down, cause I know how that feels. Get well sassy one, hope you have good recovery time. Miss seeing you on wwe,yep am just another harmless dumb ass fan.lolololol

  • BabySafeHomes Danny

    get well soon from your favorite babyproofer, haha, hope the baby is safe!