Photo From The Bella Twins’ Bash, Nikki Comments On WWE’s Next Generation Of Divas

– The Bella Twins recently spoke with Newsday and said some of the sacrifices they made may be lost on WWE’s new generation of Divas who have the WWE Performance Center to hone their skills. Nikki recalled performing in small bars and church halls in front of a few dozen fans before being called up to WWE and said:

“They’re definitely spoiled. I prefer how we did it, because we knew we had to work hard. When we were finally on TV it was like, ‘Holy cow! This is what we worked so hard for.’ It definitely, I think, makes you appreciate it more.”

– As reported, the cast of WWE Total Divas partied for The Bella Twins’ 30th birthday last night in Austin, Texas. The party will air on a future episode of the show. Here’s a photo of The Bellas and Natalya Friday night: