Photo: John Cena Teams with The Shield After WWE SmackDown Tapings In Boston

After Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Boston ended, The Wyatt Family came out and said John Cena was hiding in the back. They called Cena out to a big hometown pop.

Cena challenged Wyatt to a match but Kane came out and made it a 3-on-1. This brought out The Shield and Vickie Guerrero. Vickie made it Cena and The Shield vs. Kane and The Wyatt Family. Reigns ended up pinning Harper to win the match. After the match, Cena cut a promo praising The Shield and they posed together, as seen below:

  • James Reynolds

    Now they could run with it and maybe have heel cena against the authority it would be huge

  • Some_Random_Guy

    I see it as a decent tactic to bring over Reigns as a babyface. Maybe Cena helps him out (not really saves him) at WM when the shield does finally break up?

  • Bryan Thomas

    No no no. That’s the enemy guys!