Photos Of Kane Unmasked At Ron Paul‘s Annual BBQ Event

Kane made an appearance at the Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul‘s annual BBQ event in Lake Jackson, Texas over the weekend. Here is Kane with actor Vince Vaughn and Ron Paul himself:

Photos Of Kane Unmasked With Hair

  • Geoff

    What he’s been growing his hair out??? And he’s not as bald as i imagined, wow

    • Shaddix

      You clearly haven’t seen him during his days as Isaac Yankem, D.D.S.

      • Geoff

        Mate that was decades ago, people go bald as they age, pal.

  • Dan Bell

    I knew it wasn’t Glen Jacobs any longer different jaw line.

    • Be Quiet, Dan Bell

      What the hell does this even mean? Zero legibility.

      • Luke

        I agree. The jaw line- and indeed everything else- is the same as always. Just got hair is all.

  • Lou Chaos

    Vince Vaughn and Kane are the same height? Crazy

  • drew

    Looks likes someone is trying to get brownie points when he retire and goes into politics

    • Luke

      I’d doubt that…

  • William Miller

    Vince Vaughn is standing on a damned orange crate! Does that solve the mystery?

  • NotAdolfHitler

    vince vaughn is 1,94m and kane is 2,04m
    that means vince is standing on something

  • mike

    all wrestler lying with their height, the wrestling shoes making them 3-4 inces taller, kane is 6’6 barefoot, I was standing right next to him