Photo: Kane’s Current New Look In Ring Gear At WWE Live Events

We’ve all seen the Corporate Kane on WWE RAW but here is his ring attire at live events now, sporting no long hair, no mask. What do you think?

  • mkohn

    ok I guess it’ll work. :)

  • Todd Farabee

    he looks like a normal person. he most certainly does not look like no kane!

  • artbeast

    Looks like DJ Hyde!

  • Subtook Prime

    So WWE has him doing the authority figure and the monster Kane gimmick at the same time? What sense does that make?

  • Mack

    WWE logic.

  • Hendo9

    Why are you lot in the comments making out that its something “different”.

    This is just exactly how he was before putting the mask back on..

  • bengalsmarvel

    Its funny that he wrestles at house shows but doesn’t even show up on tv much anymore let alone wrestle

    • fizzdaboi

      He’s in a non wrestling role on TV, but obviously he can still go, just like HHH, and Kane is in his late 40’s and has done a lot, plus this “Corporate Kane” sounds like his input as he’s into politics outside WWE.

      • bengalsmarvel

        I agree with you and i fully understand why he is probably doing it i guess i just miss seeing him on TV in the ring im not trying to hate on the guy

  • Robert Mills

    I wish Kane would go back to wrestling full time.

  • Km

    He looks like Ron Perlman.

  • Cody Mix

    Kane has not been utilized correctly in the WWE for years now which is unfortunate. I like monster Kane who was to be feared. If Undertaker can still pull it off so can Kane.

  • shaun

    How long has he wrestled wearing a mask ok the gear doesnt look right cause hes no longer a monster so to speak but bout this has happened

    • bengalsmarvel

      Its the same ring attire he wore a few months ago he just doesnt wear the mask anymore

  • Jenna B. McKee

    I thought he’d have gear that had a more of a corporate look to it.

  • Scott Gordinier Jr.

    go with a mask with no hair piece make it all black