Photo: Levi’s Stadium Features The Rock, Brock Lesnar & Batista For First WrestleMania 31 Poster

Levi’s Stadium has launched a subsite for WWE’s WrestleMania 31, which takes place at the venue on March 29th, 2015.

The Stadium is using the following promotional poster for the event, which appears to be something that was just thrown together as filler until WWE releases official art for the event. The poster features WWE part-timers Brock Lesnar, Batista and The Rock.


  • Jaime Villasana

    Posters like this is what sell tickets

    • Kurama91

      PART TIMERS POSTER. Oh yeah!

      • Jaime Villasana

        No shit !!

        • Kurama91

          this will sell tickets. to fans they’re just part timers.

  • Jesse Bognanno

    its only a promo… but i bet none of them will even be there

    • Osaz E.

      Brock will, probably.

      • Kurama91

        sure. Brock will be there.

    • Emmanuel Perez

      batista will has a 2 year contract And so far only been for half of 1 Rock possibly not Brock Almost guarrented

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Wrestlemania 31: Part-timers running wild

  • codys moustache

    The three biggest names not in wwe. Whoelse could u put on there? Roman reigns? Cena? Yea that ll sell tickets

  • Närötö Bön Bon

    My poster !!! ..