Photo: Michelle McCool Appears With Her and Undertaker’s Daughter

Check out this photo of former WWE Diva Michelle McCool with her and Undertaker’s daughter:

Photos Of Undertaker & Michelle McCool Together; Wedding & More

  • Melissa

    This is the 3rd recent pic I have seen of Michelle and she looks too skinny in every one of them. Does anyone else think that?

    • Mario Cardone

      Undertaker is sucking the soul of out her to stay alive.

      • Claire

        Good joke ‼‼

    • mo0nsault

      i thought the same thing when she was at the hall of fame

  • Claire

    She is in good shape. She is very stunning. Taker is one lucky guy. She posted another photo of kaia. Take a look :

  • Wrestling Advisor

    Could we potentially be looking at a future 2nd generation diva?

  • Todd Farabee

    she was one of the best divas i ever saw