Photo: New WWE WrestleMania 31 Poster Released: Sting, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar & More Featured

– Check out the new WWE WrestleMania 31 promotional poster below. can confirm that this is an official WWE poster.

  • Hindu

    Happy Daniel Bryan is there on the poster

    • Kavon

      me too, i was a bit surprised by it.


    sting & undertaker on the same poster o boy thats truly best for biz

  • Paul Petit-Frere

    The poster looks so cool.

  • RReigns15 #OneVsALL #HEELRoman

    That is one badass legit ‘about damn time’ poster!
    BUT with Reigns and Cena together makes it look gay. Vince McMahon gay! In fact the line up is just wrong with Bryan in between Sting and Taker. #B+Player
    Still badass though.

    • Luis_Fig

      Weird to say. The marketing line up here is actually good.

    • Mikael #AXELMANIA

      What do you mean? Bryan is the 3rd most important full time babyface (behind 1:Cena & 2:Reigns). Don’t say he is a B+ players. It’s not even funny. Bryan got to the spot he’s in through hard work and isn’t a Vince McMahon Guy like Roman and Cena

      • RReigns15 #OneVsALL #HEELRoman

        Hence why he is B+ and not A+. Lol relax anyway I’m just getting controversial heat.

        • Mikael #AXELMANIA

          I respect that. Your a true heel.

          • RReigns15 #OneVsALL #HEELRoman


          • Mikael #AXELMANIA

            You said you were getting controversial heat which means your a heel

        • Mikael #AXELMANIA

          In terms of in ring ability,Bryan is A++. He may be the only guy in history to come back from a near career ending injury and have no ring rust. To quote Enzo Amore,’You Can’t Teach That’.

        • Mikael #AXELMANIA

          Bryan didn’t lose a step,at all.

          • RReigns15 #OneVsALL #HEELRoman


  • Ashkan Motamedi

    Where is Waytt ? Dang

    • RReigns15 #OneVsALL #HEELRoman

      Daniel Bryan is in his spot! #B+Player

  • Mikael #AXELMANIA

    That’s a pretty cool poster. Atleast Bryan is on it. That gives me hope that he may be in a top match

  • Mike

    Randy Orton should be on it.