Photo Of CM Punk & AJ Lee Together At A Chicago Cubs Game

Here is a photo of CM Punk and AJ Lee at the Chicago Cubs game on Wednesday:

More photos Of AJ Lee with CM Punk

  • StnCld_316

    Punk now has another Diva on his Boinking List.

  • trevwinters

    I thought he was boinking Lita…

  • Stelios Dontas

    I bet they were at the game as friends. They have been co-workers for a long time.

  • wwefan

    Well it look like to me that cm punk and Amy is no longer dating, maybe him and what AJ Lee are friends with benefits?!

  • wwefan

    I just a comment on a other board about them that Amy was there with cm punk and AJ Lee but where do I see Amy in the pic with them?

  • Ruandy Torres

    thought she was dating Brad Maddox? What the heck if she and Phil are dating more power to them.I happen to enjoy both of them .

    • mxxm

      brad Maddox is married.

      • Ruandy Torres

        well if that’s the case she better stick with Punk.Otherwise she’ll start becoming the character she plays on tv a man-eater

    • Ǎ.Ĵ.

      who in fuck told you she was dating brad maddox she can find better than that

      • Ruandy Torres

        one of the many wrestling websites that most people visit like this one. There’s so much gossip and really it’s none of our business .I just enjoy A.J. Lee as a performer as far as I can tell April Mendez the girl seems like a nice person.And I hope she recovers from her concussion soon.

      • Stelios Dontas

        Seriously who would wanna date him the way he acts on Raw.

  • jason

    lita’s probably not there. she lives and work out of Atlanta. plus, I don’t see a seat for lita if by chance she’s just not in the picture. i’m almost positive punk and lita are still together, & that these two are just pals hanging out.

  • jason

    side note: in this picture, it almost looks like punk shaved his head again. his hair could just be pinned back in his hoodie.

  • PhillipFryWwe

    So many people claiming that these two are together now, they forget that boys and girls can be friends and not just boyfriend and girlfriend.

  • Rene Ramirez

    He love crazy chicks

  • snoooki

    bunch of bitches here commenting on whether or not they are going out, WHO FUCKING CARES