Photo Of CM Punk With Ronda Rousey, Nick Diaz & Other MMA Stars

Here is CM Punk in an elevator with Ronda Rousey and other MMA stars after UFC 170 Saturday night:

  • James Humwood

    Oh f*ck aj gonna be pissed xD

    • Ruandy Torres

      There’s is absolutely nothing AJ Lee could ever do to Ronda Rousey. I love AJ but she’d get killed if she even tried anything.Ask Sara McCann what fighting Ronda Rousey is like ? 66 seconds and see ya

  • Cathy Williams

    SHY GUY. I hope he is enjoying some time away from WWE. He deserves it. Where ever he goes we’ll follow him. He’s an AWESOME Athlete!!

  • Sean

    There are two people that don’t wanna be in that picture, Rousey and Punk. They’re the only two not looking up. Now that I look… they look like they’re looking at each other.