Photo Of El Torito Without His Mask On

An image has surfaced of Los Matadores mascot El Torito without his mask on.

Appearing alongside Drew McIntyre, the image was apparently snapped at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

El Torito

  • Rick Robinson

    Hahahahaha! He looks like a mini Roman Reigns!

    • Michael F

      hahahaha now I am picturing a high pitched version of “Blee In The Shee!”

  • Metalgod

    I thought it was hornsoggle this whole time

    • Warbringerr23

      how do u think that? hornswoggle doesnt have that accent. have u heard his accent before? el torito is 4’5 106 lbs. from what ive read. I believe hornshwoggle is 4’7 and like 115 lbs. and idk why in the heck hornswoggle would go with los matadores. not trying to be rude. just trying to make common sence.