Photo Of John Cena Training At 18 Years Old

John Cena tweeted the following:

“Thanks @WWEUniverse 4 #elevenyearsstrong here is a pic of me 18 years ago #nevergiveup #RTimeIsNow”

  • uberpbnj

    This is when he was 18, not 11? 36-18=18.. plus what sort of 11yr old looks like that…

  • Jarryd

    Fuck, how many steroids did he want back then?

  • Geoff

    Eleven years in the WWE you smark

  • Luke

    *cough* train your calves *cough*…

  • lol

    holy cheese macaaroni!

  • Rashad Sims

    damn homie wtf were u takin to be built like that

  • Matthew Norton

    He looks like a roasted chicken…

  • Wes

    at 18 john cena looked like this? im 26, ive been doing something very, very wrong. looking good cena, hard work pays off!

  • Junaid Casim

    Cena tweeted “Here is a pic of me 18 years ago”….. NOT when he was 18 years old, it was 18 years AGO.

  • obeast

    photoshop all yall are stupid thats not real lol all fake guys