Photo Of John Cena’s Knee & Why WWE Did The Injury Angle On Raw, WWE Stock Update

– As reported, multiple sources have confirmed that John Cena’s knee injury at RAW last night was a part of the angle with The Wyatt Family. The angle was done to play into Cena’s match with Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania XXX and also to explain why Cena didn’t run back out later during Bray Wyatt’s match against Roman Reigns. There is still a lot of speculation among fans that Cena really is injured, especially after the photo below of Cena’s kneecap was passed around social media:

– WWE stock closed at $23.99 per share on yesterday following the Network launch. It’s listed at $24.25 first thing this morning.

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  • James Humwood

    Whose to say it’s his knee? And if it is could be old photo from one of his previous injuries

    • FlawlessRKO

      That isn’t an old photo. Look at the color of his shorts. The injury is real. The Wyatt family attack would’ve been more vicious if it wasn’t really injured. Plus, that photo was taken by a fan watching Raw. It’s not from WWE.

      • Joshua Williams

        They’re denim shorts. He has worn denim shorts on countless occasions.

        • Aaron Bond

          i was watching the Raw backstage pass on the WWE Network and its a legit injury.

          • Joshua Williams

            I was watching it too, and that’s open for debate.

          • James Tebrucio Luna

            if it’s a work then of course the backstage pass will make it seem “Legit”… that is what we do, if we do an injury angle we sell that “Injury”.

  • Bryan Thomas

    If this is true, then this further proves that wwe will desperately push roman as the face. Which is unfortunate

  • None

    Well of course Bray can’t pin Cena clean at mania they need some kind of excuse if they’re gonna have Bray win at all.

    • James Tebrucio Luna

      Bray Pinned DB Clean at The Royal Rumble and DB Pinned Cena Clean at Summer Slam… IMO Bray Wyatt has come along way from Husky Harris sure he may not do flashy moves but that’s one difference between a Heel and a Face.