Photo Of The Former Sami Callihan Making His WWE NXT Debut

Here is a photo of Solomon Crowe, formerly known as Sami Callihan, making his WWE NXT debut:

  • saulewright

    LMAO@the picture

  • Jason

    my god get some new ring attire man! smh

  • Rick Yuhnke

    Sad part is that we are wanting to see them in the WWE, but only when the WWE says we are ready. Hero, Generico, Paige….to name some we want to see. Kind of lame. Ok, the WWE has its style, but these guys were great in the Indies and that is what we want. Punk, Bryan…indy guys….Cena…indy (UPW California)…Dle Rio…Indy/Mexico. To think the WWE brass knows it all is a joke.