Photo Of The New TNA X Division Championship Title Belt

Dixie Carter revealed the new TNA X Division Champion Title Belt earlier today on Twitter. You can view the new Championship belt below:

  • Jake

    By far one of the ugliest belts i’ve ever seen, the original may have been outdated, but still looked nice

  • Justin Godsey

    It looks like the old IC Title with a X in the middle.

    • Bllddp

      I was thinking the exact same thing, now not only is TNA full of old WWE wrestlers, but the titles aswell

  • Derrick Mathis

    Why does it look like the Intercontinental Title from 98 to 11?

  • Matthew Cher Kerrigan

    That is a horrible looking title.

  • Alex

    It looks like the Old I.C title mixed with the NXT world title

  • Michael

    That is one of the ugliest belt ever made

  • jamaar jorden

    this belt fucking suck

  • iago alexandre krum assolin

    wwe intercontinental champion 1996-2011 + nxt champion = the new x divison champion belt

  • david

    take the old IC championship hit it with an X and now you have the x division championship