Photo Of The Original Sin Cara’s New Look

Published On 06/08/2014 | By Staff | News, Specials

We noted before that the original Sin Cara is now using the name Myzteziz in Mexico. Below is a photo of his new look:

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  • matthewgarriet


  • Frank Rodriguez

    Something you may not know about the original Sin Cara, aka “Mystico” is that he was fired from the WWE for refusing to learn English, which he referred to as an “ugly language.” WWE management told the original Sin Cara he had to learn English to be able to communicate with the other performers in the ring for safety reasons. Sin Cara/Mystico refused to learn English and he had a number of wellness policy violations before being released. Then he continued to use the moniker Sin Cara in Mexico until WWE attorneys threatened to sue him for violating their intellectual property.

    • Martin Koehler

      Not to mention he had huge issues adjusting to the WWE style of wrestling.

      • Frank Rodriguez

        Yes, between the difficulty he had adjusting to the wrestling style, not learning English, and violating the wellness policy, the first Sin Cara (Mystico) was too difficult to keep in the WWE.

        • Martin Koehler

          And good riddance too.

    • Andrew Davis

      Yeah but did you know, that He was not the original Mystico? It’s quite funny actually. Hunico was the the original Mystico, The This dude took it over. Then this dude became Sin Cara, & it’s now been taken over by Hunico

      • Frank Rodriguez

        Yes, the whole thing is very confusing. Luis Urive, the first WWE Sin Cara, used the gimmick of Místico, and the current Sin Cara, Jorge Arias (Hunico) also used the moniker Místico. How hard could it have been for either of them to come up with something original? I would like to see the Sin Cara character retired rather than watching him ‘job’ to help get the new talent over.

  • Frank Rodriguez

    I don’t like when a new wrestler takes over a masked character because it is not the same man behind the mask. The same thing happened with the character Manik in TNA who has been played by at least 3 different guys. I think every character should only be played by one performer. Putting a new guy in the suit screws with the history of the character and it confuses the fans. If a wrestler gets fired, quits, or dies, then the character he played should be retired. A good team of writers should have the basic “creativity” to be able to “write around” a missing character.

    A character’s departure also allows lower card wrestlers to move up to take the spot of the guy who left, but they don’t need to take on the persona of the guy who just left. Again, creativity and originality are key. Every wrestling organization needs to keep things fresh to distinguish their product from their competitors’, and to keep the fans interested.

    • Anthony Johnson

      But with “Manik” or “Suicide” as I like to still call him, no one really knew that multiple people played the masked man, unless they read the dirt sheets. Unlike Sin Cara where it was completely obvious.

      • Frank Rodriguez

        The one exception I can think of where I actually approved of a “replacement wrestler” was Barry Darsow who replaced Randy Colley as Smash of Demolition due to a contract dispute in 1987. That wrestler switch happened early enough that most Demolition fans didn’t even notice. Smash was in my opinion Barry Darsow’s best character of all time. If every replacement wrestler could pull off a character as impactful as Barry Darsow’s Smash, then I would have no problem with every single character being replaced. Lol!