Photo Of The Rock & His Daughter At Hercules Premiere

The Rock and his 12-year-old daughter Simone in LA Wednesday night:

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    she 12?!

  • WilliamYancey

    Rock? More like Spock.

  • Jordyn

    12?! I had to go check if she was really 12. She was born in 2001 so I guess she’ll be 13 sometime this year.

  • Gannicus

    She is NOT 12

  • Jacob June

    This girl is gigantic and not bad looking either. She is almost as tall as the Rock and she is only 13. That is incredible. She could debut soon in the divas division and call herself “Pebble.”

  • Shorty

    for a 12 year old girl she dresses very inappropriately and you would think that being the Rock aka Dwaynne Johnson is her father he would dis approve of the inappropriate choice of clothing she is wearing great example you are setting for other fathers out there with young 12 year old daughters great job The Rock pat your self on the back for being a terrible parent to let your daughter dress inappropriate like that My 13 year old niece Dresses better than your daughter ever will and with a lot more class for a 13 year old pathetic get your daughter jeans and a T shirt as that is the proper clothes for a 12 year old to wear

    • RomanReigns25

      are you serious right now? the dress she has on is perfectly fine and classy, I mean you act like she’s in booty and a bra, get over yourself

      • codys moustache

        She looks like a high class hooker!! And she’s only 12!!!! Dude is right shame on the rock for putting his daughter on show like that!
        What’s that….. He’s proud you say??? Proud his daughter looks like a hooker at 12??
        Pride comes before the fall bitch!

        • RReigns121314

          Asif you are bad mouthing THE ROCKS daughter! I personally dont think she is 12 but what do we know? She is a celebs daughter so it doesnt really matter how shes dressed especially when her dad is the most high moraled and principled man in the world

          • codys moustache

            THE ROCKS?? Seriously bro? I respect the man for what he’s done but he’s just a man who was blessed with opportunity to be a wwe superstar. He’s not a god.

          • RReigns121314

            whats your point

          • codys moustache

            No idea

          • RReigns121314

            Lol I think I win this dispute then

          • codys moustache

            We’ll meet again

          • RReigns121314

            We will…

    • codys moustache

      Amen brother!

    • Silverback

      Excuse me but she is dressed just fine, she has no boobage showing and there is nothing inappropriate about the way she is dressed. You are talking nonsense, why don’t you tell Rock to his face that he is a terrible father you idiot!

    • Guest

      So am guessing you saying that if she had wear that dress to church she would’ve dressed inappropriate as well?

      • John Carter

        She’s not in a church, is she bitch?

        • nanakuli

          CHURCH and BITCH all in the same sentence….classic!! And it’s all over the subject of what she’s wearing at her age. Can you tell me what is appropriate wear nowadays?! I think she looks beautiful in that dress. Maybe all of you who disagree should’ve looked at her features instead of bypassing it heading straight for the dress. That dress looks as good as it does because of her beautiful features….One being that gorgeous smile that both her and her daddy’s got! ROCK

  • Jazmine Yancey

    beautiful …she’s a star

  • Dylan

    lovely picture

  • Wwerocks88

    She’s 12?!?!?!?!

  • Y.C.C.L

    She’s as told as I am?!

  • Hammad Ahmed

    Tell me I did Not just see That !!! :O is she is 12 then i’m 40 !!

  • SleepyDroid.

    she doesn’t look 12.

  • RReigns121314


  • Susie

    She’s a beautiful girl. Dressed a little too sophisticated, and her Daddy is tall so she shouldn’t be a shrimpy child. And “adults” Lay off your negative shit!