Photo Of WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee & NXT Women’s Champion Paige Together

AJ Lee tweeted this photo of her and WWE NXT Women’s champion Paige: “And while we’re talking about #DivasRedefined , Who would’ve thought these two weirdos would make it?”

Photo: WWE NXT Diva Paige In A Bikini Showing Off Her Amazing Booty

  • Rhawk

    You can clearly tell in this picture which title is a title, and which one is a toy.

    • AJPaige

      Diva’s championship=toy.

  • Total Wafflez

    Two hot divas who can’t wrestle ! They should just do modeling

    • Hwarks

      They’re two of the most talented divas in WWE.

      • Total Wafflez

        Talentless you mean

        • AJPaige

          Really? Cuz, Paige is a longtime wrestler from England, watch Wrestling with my Family. She’s very in ring talented. AJ cuts some of the best promos I’ve ever seen in the WWE. You obviously know nothing and are just jealous because you can’t get near them with a 1000 mile pole. Bet you’re one of those creeps on twitter that jerk off to every photo they post.

          • Total Wafflez

            AJ sucks TNA has hotter divas anyway and they can wrestle

          • Edge of the Paige

            1) You think ODB is hotter than either AJ or Paige? and is a better wrestler?
            What an F’N joke
            2) Watch NXT Arrival !!!!
            That’s a developmental show for “Rookies”. Paige and Emma can out wrestle any TNA Knockout

  • Lego my Ego fool!!!

    You obviously know nothing about wrestling

  • mark

    Which one would you rather tap? you can only pick one,
    Be honest now

    • TIM

      AJ for sure, she’s bad AF

  • chapchips78

    now these two are the most beautiful women to step foot in the wwe ring:)