Photo Of WWE’s New Corporate Aircraft

WWE’s newest plane is making it’s first trip today, headed to RAW in Omaha. The new aircraft replaced the WWE’s previous plane which was a 1998 Canadair Challenger. WWE owned the previous jet since 2001. Stephanie McMahon posted the following photo on Twitter this morning:

  • fizzdaboi

    When you have money to blow, why not buy a plane huh? Nothing to hate on here.

  • Big_Heat_34

    Interesting that they have the Network logo on the tail fin as opposed to the scratch logo… Is a full re-brand coming with the launch of the network?

  • Coldgrits

    Didn’t they just buy a new plane not a year ago?

    • Joe

      “WWE owned the previous jet since 2001.” reading is important you know.

  • Raihan Khan

    1.21 billion $ worth company, of course u can buy more of this, why not one for the face of the wwe?