Photo: Paige and Alicia Fox Hang Out With Former WWE Star In Japan

Check out this photo of Paige and Alicia Fox hanging out with Rene Dupree during WWE’s tour of Japan. The former WWE and World Tag Team Champion now resides in the country, where he competes for Wrestle-1.

Having gotten married to a Japanese woman and wrestling in Japan since leaving WWE in 2007, don’t expect Dupree to ever return to the United States.

“The only thing I miss, honest to God, is the crowds,” Dupree said in an interview. “I have no urge, I have no passion to ever go back to America to wrestle.”

Regarding Dupree’s connection to the Divas, he wrestled on some cards in Europe with Paige as she was climbing up the wrestling ladder.

  • Thomas Robinson

    He wants them to see his French Tickler…

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    Fuck paige and her stupid eyebrows

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      Like yours are any better sir

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      at least she has eyebrows

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        Drawn on, boxed eyebrows are a horrible fad. And they are not eyebrows.

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      Theres nothing wrong with paige

  • RReigns121314

    Renee Dupree should come back to WWE and bring along the La Resistance!