Photo: Paige Spotted At Alberto Del Rio’s Press Conference In Mexico

Published On 09/09/2016 | By Staff | News, Specials

Paige makes a rare appearance at Alberto Del Rio’s press conference in Mexico:


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  • Darksoul SF

    WWE wrongfully interfering with their relationship not acceptable.

    • Hulkamania

      Agreed. Who is HHH and Stephanie McMahon to say who anyone can date? Thats is hypocrisy considering how their relationship began.

      • Darksoul SF

        i think it just 1 WWE Official that made did not like that – Mark Carrano

        • Kathy Banks

          It is still non of his business what they do on their own time .

      • Arvind

        Think about it this way. Cass and Carmella are in a relationship, Bellas and Cena/Bryan, Enzo and Liv Morgan, Naomi is married to an Uso. WWE don’t care if staff fraternize. So it must be that these two did something or some things that would make WWE step in.

        • revelated

          Cass/Carmella – separate brands, Carmella went from dominating to barely getting by.

          Cena/Bryan were the main eventers, the Bellas got preferential treatment BECAUSE of who they dated. But you notice they’ve kept Cena and Nikki apart on TV.

          Liv Morgan is a jobber, Enzo is a botch magnet.

          Naomi is basically a jobber with a great entrance, the Usos have no direction.

          They care about dating. They don’t like it. They just can’t really stop it from happening except to bury you. Look at Cody/Eden

          • Dime

            You sir, are a dumb ass.

          • revelated

            Learn a lesson:

            If you don’t have a rebuttal, it means you’re wrong. Take the loss and move on.

          • Kathy Banks

            I disagree the Bella’s never had special treatment because of John Cena or Daniel Bryan. They were already there when Daniel came to wwe . And John never helped them .They worked for what that got .

          • revelated

            Bellas were nobodies UNTIL they started dating the big dogs. All you saw were matches with Twin Magic going on, and they were terrible in the ring. That’s why they kept getting paired with guys until Bryan/Cena.

        • Kathy Banks

          Daniel & Brie are married now.

      • ray

        that’s what I said lol

      • jerry

        I think there beef was more that Del Rio is married

      • Kathy Banks

        That is very true

  • Natalia Gutierrez


    PD. I’M SEXY???

    • William

      Triple A? Nah they should go to Lucha Underground. Paige vs Sexy Star, Mariposa and Ivelisse. Alberto Patron vs Johnny Mundo, Pentagon Dark and Rey Mysterio Jr.

      • Natalia Gutierrez

        i think AAA, CMLL or anyone will be better that WWE, before i watching the WWE shows but i hated that always john cena & randy orton wins, run down the talent of his real wrestlers

      • Natalia Gutierrez

        i think sexy star not wrestling anymore, at least that was reading on the web, she will be boxer girl now

        • William

          Yeah I remember hearing that and Pentagon Dark had to vacate the Mixed Tag Team Titles. Lucha Underground taped their episodes already so she’s on them, I forgot. As racist as WWE is they’re giving a chance to the indy guys, AJ Styles just won the WWE Title

  • Shientienchi G

    doubt it will last and it’s basically destroyed her wwe career