Photo: Small Crowd At Friday Night’s TNA Live Event From Mobile, Alabama

Fans at Friday night’s TNA live event in Mobile, Alabama could apparently count the number of fans in attendance if they wanted. Check out the photo below, which shows a very small crowd. The event was headlined by Bully Ray vs. Samoa Joe in a cage match, Magnus vs. James Storm and more.

  • Adam

    This has got to send a message to Dixie. She had better get her booking suited out, and do a much better job. Tons of great matches on this card, but fans are tired of the story lines, and TNA being a bad WWE rip off.

    • David Garcia

      I keep wondering what her parents are thinking. I have no clue how TNA is doing financially, but Dixie has publicly admitted that taking Impact on the road was a money loser. So if we take that admission, then add to it the money that has been invested and what should be the upside potential of that investment, then ask themselves why Dixie has been a featured performer?

      If they look at all the facts, why have they not pulled TNA from Dixie and actually hire a real manager to handle all production related to TNA? Dixie can still be the titular president and she can still rep TNA on business dealings, but the day to day management of TNA, Impact, creative, and talent needs to be in the hands of somebody capable. How can her parents continue to justify not holding Dixie accountable for 10 years of ineptitude?

      • Adam

        It seems, and this is a total guess, that they are just giving this to their daughter as her play toy.

        • David Garcia

          The only issue I would have with that guess is from personal experience. So my boss is very, very successful. Me and 4 other guys work for him and last year his son came on. While a fun and nice guy, he in incompetent at the job. My boss essentially does his sons job as well, feeding him business and allowing him the credit and money.

          So why wouldn’t the Carters protect Dixie from herself so that she can claim success in a similar fashion?

  • Gob1in

    Really? You deleted my comment? All I said was for you to give credit to the member on Reddit who took and uploaded the image. Was that too much to ask?