Photo: The AJ Lee and Lita Cartoon Reportedly Going Around WWE reported that there was a cartoon going around WWE that mocked the famous photo of a young AJ Lee meeting Lita years ago. PWMania has been sent a photo of the drawing and apparently it was created by a fan online back in November but made its way backstage in WWE, according to Here’s the drawing:

Photos: AJ Lee & CM Punk Together At WWE Tribute To The Troops

  • charovnica

    That’s messed up :D

  • cj

    With the way people at WWE pick at Aj lee I wouldn’t be surprised if she went crazy for real. If this was a HHH/Stephanie/Chyna cartoon then I’m sure they wouldn’t be laughing

    • peter

      I don’t think it would be as funny because even though Stephanie stole Chyna from him, Chyna never was her idol so I don’t think it would hold the same amount of significant even though your right it still wouldn’t be laugh at.

      • Noel Lackey

        Stephanie stole Chyna?!? That would be a weird relationship!

      • cj

        Chyna may not had been an idol to Stephanie as Lita was toi Aj but Stephanie took Chyna’s guy. My point was that they allow the Aj cartoon to float around as “the authority” but if it were about them they’d be trying to fire anybody who looked at it. I’m nit an Aj stan but first they ridicule her for getting a tattoo, then they made fun of her fainting at a live event, now this.

  • badnewsbarrett

    I got some bad news… thats not considered very pg in wwe

  • Wrestling Dog

    Is Cm Punk actually smashing her then? Fair play to him…

    • Noel Lackey

      He’s a lucky SOB!

  • othersideJackass

    Aj doesnt let stuff like that get to her

  • Angelika Japs Ü (AJ)

    that was sooo unfair for aj,,, she deserve to be happy offcourse