Photo: TNA Sacrifice Poster Featuring Jeff Hardy As Willow

Check out the TNA Sacrfice poster featuring Jeff Hardy as Willow. This year’s Sacrifice event takes place on April 27th in Orlando.

  • VKM Ballickers are evil

    Willow has certainly taken the wrestling world by storm. Fans around the world are looking forward to seeing this mysterious being.
    The return of Sacrifice has been well received by wrestling fans.

    • Aaron Brock

      Wow, you sound like an employee on the TNA payroll. Way to make it sound like an original thought instead of the typical mark. LMAO

  • Raihan Khan

    ewww, looks like the devil from incidious

  • Scott C

    As crazy as the Willow character may be. This poster is kick-ass

  • Adrian Prela

    watch him job in less than a year

    • Aaron Brock

      I wouldn’t be surprised that this character will eventually what the old Suicide gimmick has become a glorified jobber.

    • Karan

      STFU you hater. Jeff Hardy > Your overrated superhumans.

    • Jed DiBiase

      It’s Jeff Hardy. No.


    stop hating, the gimmick hasn’t* even been officially started yet jeez..

    • Paul Burkhardt

      In other words the gimmick has officially started with the promos and lock down debut, willow in the wind . wether you hate it or not is irrelevant , just wish the internet smarks will sit back and just watch the product without wanting to change what happens

  • timnesbitt

    I know willow is jeff hardy because the tattoo on jeff hardys side is there. I like jeff hardy because he is so extreme and cool. if anyone hates him, you will pay