Photo: Which WWE Superstar Wrestled As Sin Cara On Monday’s WWE Raw?

Published On 12/03/2013 | By Staff | News, Specials

As seen on Monday’s WWE RAW from Oklahoma City, Sin Cara returned to action and got a clean win over Alberto Del Rio. Cara looked to have put on some weight and looked to be sporting a new tattoo.

That’s because it was Hunico, who previously wrestled under the Sin Cara mask, acting as Cara on Monday’s RAW. Here is a photo of Hunico’s tattoo, the same tattoo we saw on Cara Monday:

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  • Guest

    I’d love to see Sin Cara vs. El Matadores….

  • saulewright

    LMAO damn, so what are they going to do when/if the actual Sin Cara returns? WWE STAY f*ckin stuff up.

    • awsumecks

      They’re releasing the original Sin Cara because he’s a botch-fest in the ring and he carries himself like a big shot backstage.

      • saulewright

        PEACE OUT BotchCara

  • Jazmine Lewis

    why ? was there a big clamor for Sin Cara ?

  • Harpreet Singh Sandhu

    just as I said Hunico should wrestle as Sin Cara he did better in that match then Sin cara has in a number of matches. I say keep Hunico as sin cara and let him get used to the routine and moves and would get a push i.e intercontinental champ or american champ.

  • Willey

    it only took about a hundred matches, but sin cara finally beat del rio

  • Cooldude

    Mistico should wrestle as sin cara cuz hes the original