Photo: WWE Allowing Prince Devitt To Keep His Body Paint In NXT?

There has been a lot of fans wondering if WWE would allow Prince Devitt to keep his signature body paint in NXT and the main roster. Fellow NXT rookie Kevin Steen posted the following photo of he and Devitt together Friday night, leading fans to now wonder if the two are going to be a team.

There were no NXT live events on Friday so it’s possible they were training in full get-up, doing a photoshoot or something like that at the WWE Performance Center but this photo could be a sign that WWE is letting Devitt keep his paint.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Very excited to see these guys’s debuts on NXT.

    Since we now have Kenta, Prince and Steen at developmental, it’s only a matter of time before Sami, Neville, Kalisto/Tyler Breeze get called up to the main roster, alongside the The Ascension.

    • Unwanted Guest

      Have you seen sin cara and kalisto vs sami zayn and adam rose. its a must-watch. kalisto is the future of luchadore wrestling

    • codys moustache

      Can’t wait for ascension to hit the main roster, they are so ready, have been for a while now.
      Prefer their old theme though

  • codys moustache

    What’s the deal with steen? That look on his face?

    • Necro

      That’s just how he is

  • Kris

    WWE may not even realize how much better their roster has become in these last few months. They are finally getting to the point where Indy fans will be excited to watch WWE TV again. The ratings will see a boost. Now if they could just stop looking for a “Face” and focus more on the roster as a whole and delivering high quality matches and TV.

    Right now, I get way more excited for NXT every week and I fast forward through RAW.

    • The_Shockerwave

      The reason why the ain’t looking for the next top “FACE” is they already got him but he’s currently a “HEEL” right now as the Future Top Face by the year 2020 will be The Architect Seth Rollins as all great Top Faces in history began as heels Hogan did, Austin did, Bret Hart did, John Cena did, Sting did, Taker did, Mick Foley did, The Rock did. Seth Rollins is the Future of the WWE and you can bank on that. Plus the reason indyh fans are happy is the same it was decades ago w/ the AWA or ECW when they polished the Indy gujys into MegaStars.

    • Joseph Siegel

      Here is a question though….indy fan vs. mass public. Which of these new stars can work with the stars currently making money in a manner that will draw interest and continue to make money going forward?

  • Adnan

    Neville vs Devitt
    Devitt vs Zayn
    Zayn vs Steen
    Steen vs Kenta
    Kenta vs Neville

    NxT was already the show to watch, but its gonna go up a whole other level

    • The_Shockerwave

      Zayn vs Steen back in ROH was imo 1 of the greatest feuds I’ve seen as they paired well together to mae a fine match.

  • TheIWCGuy

    NXT has the best roster right now.

    You have Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze, Corey Graves, The Ascension, Enzo Amore & Collin Cassidy, Sin Cara & Kalisto, Prince Devitt, Kevin Steen and Kenta Kobayashi. If only Drake Younger would return to the ring (currently a ref.). All we need now are The Briscoes, Michael Elgin, Chris Hero, The Young Bucks, Adam Cole and Colt Cabana and we have something to really look forward to in the WWE.

    • Matt Freeman

      We had Chris Hero. He was in NXT as Kassius Ohno. He was let go for failure to adhere to the workout regimen, or failure to keep himself in top shape, or something along those lines.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Can’t wait to see Steen vs Zayn the rematch.

    These new guys are definitely future headliners, they’re taking over

    • John Bash

      What rematch?

  • cj

    Oh wow , his paint is amazing !

  • RobW

    He looks so gay, that painting and a heart? What a fag

    • JillianHallTNA

      grow up

      • RobW

        Grow up? At least I’m not using a wrestlers/divas name as my username, you should grow up

        • JillianHallTNA

          I’m a teenager, what’s your excuse?

          • RobW

            I am too? Using a wrestlers name is childish, it’s like my name being “TheRealJohnCena” . So babyish. Once again grow up, if ure a teenager, ur pretty fucked up.

          • JillianHallTNA

            says a person who calls other people by homophobic names

    • J Dawg

      And yet he taps up pussy while you have your dads dick in yo mouth sucka.

  • X1 “3:16s & Heartbreak”

    Clearly they aren’t changing Steen or Devitt which was one of the biggest worries for me. They got here by doing what they do best on the indies (I know Japan isn’t indies), and now they’re going to do what they do best on NXT and that should only equate to success. Let’s hope they do the right thing with KENTA as well.

    • Joseph Siegel

      I would be interested to see how they stack up against WWE Main roster talent. Things like size and the ability to perform in ways that do not just create another Daniel Bryan situation.

  • Paul Petit-Frere

    His face paint is so cool.

  • rudy

    Hope wwe don’t limit their move set! Also, hope roman reigns can learn something from these guys. He’s the one that belongs in nxt and they belong in the main roster.

    • Matt Freeman

      He was in NXT, and FCW before that. Which is why we didn’t see him around ’til 2012, for the exact reason that his wrestling skills were…unpolished, to put it lightly. He’s gotten better now, but I agree that he could use some variation to his moveset. Maybe some high-flying moves?

      • rudy

        Yeah high flying moves would put him on the map. He has a great look and a lot of determination so let’s hope he improves his promos and his move set.

  • Donna Lyn Dodsonreings

    My friend should keep the paint he looks so awesome from donna dodson

  • Matt Freeman

    I’m gonna say it now. Watch Kenta’s debut match. All the “fans” are gonna complain about how he “just took Daniel Bryan and CM Punk’s finishers” when in reality, the Knee+ and the GTS were his to begin with.

  • Wrestling Advisor

    I hope WWE lets him keep his face paint because I can envision him going far in the company with it.