Photo: WWE Moving SmackDown Back To Thursday Nights Soon?

It appears WWE SmackDown will be moving back to Thursday nights. A photo below was taken by a fan at this week’s WWE tapings in Texas. The SmackDown advertisement on the side of WWE’s recently re-done production truck says the show will be airing on Thursday nights on Syfy at 8pm EST.

  • Ryan LaFalce

    Make it live!

    • da guy wit opinions

      they lost how much money this year? Yeah, that’ll happen.

      • John Warren

        That’s why they aren’t making money. If the show was live a bunch of dedicated fans would actually watch it and it could have gotten a better tv deal due to higher ratings. The fact that we read this article means there is less anticipation because we know what will happen. If nothing else is on I put on smackdown but don’t watch for the whole show (30 minutes total off and on) while I watch the full 3 hours of raw. I think have raw and smackdown live. Do a taping for main event. And still tape nxt. End most house shows. I doubt they bring in enough ticket sales to justify those events. Isn’t two events a week plus monthly pauper views enough. If they do more limited scheduled house shows they should be taped and put on the wwe network. Actually it would be better if they broadcast it live on the wwe network because that would give a greater incentive to watch and if they get more viewers even amongst current subscribers they will be able to make more from advertising.

        • da guy wit opinions

          Broadcasting live costs more than airing taped shows…..That’s the bottom line. Adding more costs is not going to help.

  • #MexicanBoss | MrMexican99

    How about not?

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    if only they made it live on Tuesday Nights.

  • Guest

    i think the pic is fake photoshop

  • Dr.Jon Kou

    Thats stupid, I love ending a week and watching Smackdown on friday night…

  • Danielson

    This is their way of taking a shot at TNA

    • SleepyDroid.

      I guess they want to finally give them nail in the coffin, isn’t TNA already bleeding.

      • RReigns121314

        Ha yeah! think its time for all the wwe originals to return home and bring Magnus, Abyss, Bram, Samoa Joe, Lowki (even though he was before), Austin Aries, Roode, Kenny King, Robbie E and EC3 along with them!

        • Jack D. Wagner

          Not a shot in hell of Kenny King in the wwe. EC3 came from wwe. Low-ki didn’t work in wwe. The only 3 or 4 workers on your list that might have a shot at being picked up by wwe are Roode, Magnus, Joe, and maybe Aries. The one that wwe definitely needs to sign is Roode, he is one of the best two workers right now along with AJ Styles.

          • RReigns121314

            Can’t argue with that. I agree!

          • Jack D. Wagner

            When I said low-ki didn’t work in wwe, I meant didn’t work out in wwe.

          • RReigns121314

            Yh I know. That is still a big mistake on wwe that they let him go! He would of been a good asset

  • thatpj

    Hope it’s live too!

    • JillianHallTNA

      smackdown is taped on tuesdays

  • Melissa

    I hope not….

  • ChloeMatthews

    Imo this isn’t a bad move, I think it’s a way to take a shot at TNA. But what I always will remember about Smackdown is the name “Friday night Smackdown”. Even from when I watched it as a kid. Oh well tho. I’m kinda’ glad they’re moving to Thursday’s in a way because Friday nights I go out with friends and have friends over resulting in me rarely ever watching Smackdown on Friday nights.

    I just wish (probably won’t ever happen but still); The WWE Draft and separate brands/rosters return, Titles split, Smackdown goes to being live, GM’s on separate brands return, etc. I think that way it gives people a reason to watch Smackdown as well.

    I doubt I’d watch it on Thursday’s too though because I watch WWE NXT and TNA on Thursdays.

  • No Escaping Gravity

    Ugh, I hope not. Don’t want to choose between the NFL and WWE because I know I’ll end up watching football. Friday is great because there’s not much else on!

  • vincent

    i remember the moment they announced they were moving to friday night…back when smackdown was actually watchable…and heck, when WWE was watchable

  • RReigns121314


  • Jacob Barberow

    TNA is on wednesday now but it is pretaped now there are no more live shows for TNA